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On top of print publications under the HCK Media, we are also involved in several new media business endeavours. Some are already up and running, others are in the pipeline. is a portal which provides immediate analyses and commentaries to breaking news. The site has garnered a sizeable following since its inception in August 2013 and has also grown in credibility.

And then, there is Currentbuzz, which curates interesting and trending news locally and abroad. Channel88 does the same thing like Currentbuzz, except that it curates videos instead. The site, owned by HCK Studios Sdn Bhd, which is under the larger HCK Capital Group, has just gone live.

To support the above, there is MyGravyTrain, a click-and-share online community where users are paid in cash and kind when they share postings by advertisers on their respective social media platforms. These could be ads that appear in any of the online products mentioned above.

These are all part of the Integrated Guaranteed Audience Reach (IGAR) ecosystem which HCK Technology has came up with. This system assure advertisers a guaranteed and trackable audience across digital platforms, unlike print or broadcast where there is no way of telling how many people actually saw your ad. These are all proprietary solutions developed in-house by our team of highly-qualified and experienced programmers and in HCK Technology.

So, what do the above mean? There is a high probability that a shift in advertising money from print to digital will happen sooner rather than later. The recent financial results of several newspapers corroborates with this. What we are doing is to make sure that when the shift takes place, we already have one foot in the door, with my various platforms and IGAR at our disposal.

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