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At the workplace, many can’t tell the difference between “urgent” and “important”. They tend to confuse the two. Taken from my Facebook posting on 31 July 2017:

WHAT’S IMPORTANT MAY NOT BE URGENT: Most of my key managers have my ear anytime, probably anywhere too. Some senior team members, including my son Clifford who’s HCK Group’s Executive Director, have a habit of catching me in corridors or in-between meetings for decisions or consultation on pressing matters. What I’ve noticed is that many people are confusing the urgent with the important. Obviously, anything that’s urgent requires immediate attention, because it’s time-sensitive. But important tasks need not be always urgent, as they mainly contribute to long-term goals. I once had an employee who ambushed me in the washroom to discuss something important because he thought anything important was also urgent. We need to be at ease, rational and open to new ideas, and not in a haste, when making important decisions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Shenna Dot: I like the part about your employee ambushing you in the toilet. Did he talk to you while both of you are standing at the urinals? Haha!

Cherie Tan: Important is our health but we often take it for granted till it become urgent. I always remind my boss to take care of important things when it is not urgent to do so and the resources are still plenty. Whether in business or health, human will always tend to shun away from the important because the important always required a great amount of discipline to obtain the required results.

“It is of great strategic advantage to treat important things as important and to realize that if some urgent things don’t get done, the sky isn’t going to fall.” – Unknown

“What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Yuk Choi Lee: Interesting post and you are absolutely right, Tan Sri. A lot of people confuse between the urgent and the important. Even people who have been in management roles for years and years in large corporate sometimes succumb to this disease in their professional.

Deciding which task is important is relative to each person’s thoughts and circumstances. Urgency is driven by external factors like deadlines whereas importance is more of an introspective exercise. What we consider important can differ from what others consider as important. We need to access the risk and consequences.

Another example is our health. If we don’t eat well or exercise because we don’t think we have the time or because it isn’t urgent, we could find ourselves in a life risking situation later. When a health issue becomes urgent, it stops everything else. But if we take the time daily to eat well and exercise in some form, we take care of our body so that we lessen the chances of ill health.

Generally speaking, having a good work/life balance means that our actions and priorities are aligned in a way that is taking care of what is really important to us.


My other FB postings between 1 Aug 2017 and 6 Aug 2017:

1 Aug 2017

GOING BEYOND OUR NEEDS: There’re wants & there’re needs. My guess is that many people still don’t know the difference. We all need a roof over our head, food, basic healthcare and clothing. Anything that goes beyond – like luxury cars, branded goods or fancy food – is a want. Instead of having a mansion, for some contented souls, the feeling of coming home to their family is everything. People like to say it’s better to be crying in a Roll-Royce than on a bicycle. What they fail to see is that the person is crying in both outcomes. But because life is meant to be lived, and not just survived, there should be no stopping us from pursuing what our heart desires. I think as long as we have our priorities right, we should go all out to get what we want.


Selected followers’ comments:

Beng Lin Lee: Life is short and sometimes can be cruel and abrupt. Have seen people who worked hard and planned to have their son take over their successful business before retiring and going for holidays. And before you can enjoy that, your body battery just ran out. Do take care of your health and enjoy the simple things in life.

Teh Lawrence: The problem is drawing the line between needs n wants . And having done so the Law of Diminishing Returns sets in where the want now becomes a need and the line is drawn again and again and again.
Just do not trade in your health with wealth. At some point learn contentment.
For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he losses his soul?

Low Keng Lok: Sums up with this question – do we eat to live or live to eat? Different folks different choices; different times different preferences; there’s no one answer.


2 Aug 2017

BEING HEARD IN A NOISY MARKETPLACE: There’re many ways to create brand awareness. A business needs to cut through the noisy marketplace & stand above its competitors. At our recent Edusentral property launch, the HCK Group used movie characters to liven up the event. Many brands use celebrities to endorse their products. It’s not a new idea in marketing, but it has its positive effects. I like to believe that my own forte has always been in conceptualising, packaging & branding. Customers and investors would want to know why they should pay attention to any particular product or service, amid all the din and ruckus.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: Congrats, Tan Sri, on your successful launch of Edusentral! It is indeed a challenge to be heard in this noisy market place. Consumers are exposed to advertisement everywhere, from mainstream newspaper, TV commercials to social media.

But I think, like you said, the success of this project is contributed by your and your team’s effort in conceptualization, packaging and branding. You used the movie characters merely to “liven up the launch event.”

I think, the salesperson, your buyers, your supporters very likely are one of your most powerful marketing tools. A company’s commitment, reputation, their past records of product quality make the loudest sound. Let your success be the noise, Tan Sri!

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Not sure if you noticed this… while you promote Edusentral, you have also helped promoted Captain America and Super Mario! These two characters are on peoples’ lips so much, they are used as publicity material / endorsement.

Emil Lee: Good morning and an enterprising day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my fb mates herein. It seems that human beings love to be associated with characters from the marvel comic. Captain America, Superman, Spiderman,Thor and not forgetting Doctor Strange and the list could go on with the the super heroes. I for one am a fan of these super heroes movies and some of these shows are box office hit. These comical characters are icons of sorts as can be seen from the huge following, they generate a lot of interest and along with them a lot of revenue too.

3 Aug 2017

OLD HABITS DIE HARD : A tycoon friend handed over the reins of his empire to his eldest son, but couldn’t stop interfering in the business. A senior staff left my organisation for a new venture, but asked to return hardly a few months later. I guess they’re at a place of their life where they’re trying to adjust to a new reality, and finding it difficult to loosen their grip on the past. If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve had to endure the endings of some of life’s major eras – graduations, marriages, relocations, new jobs or relationships. I won’t know if I have the ability and courage to fully let go when the day of my retirement comes. But I’m aware that clinging to old habits & patterns would be draining our energy and preventing us from receiving the blessings that await us in a new future.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lim Bee Hoon: Letting go of sth that one has held on for too long is difficult…
I was an educator for 38yrs before i retire n found pleasure i had a job immediately after retirement related to my previous experience…so i sign up for it n continue working..
My friends who retired asked me why i need to work..i told them honestly i dont know what to do if i dont work..
I hv independent children..n i dont want to remain idle..
I dont like to travel..i just enjoy doing what i like doing now..a 5 day week n 2 day weekends..
My girl insisted i travel but i dont like travelling..
I like to be able to drive to a place i like within msia n come back when i am done with it..
Little pleasures like this gv me joy..
I love to go.for a movie ..browse in malls..look up friends..go for tea etc..
Many are still wondering why i dont do this n that..
One man’s meat is another’s poison..
I enjoy my time alone..but that doesnt mean i dont like to meet fact i simply love to catch up with friends..
Only sometimes friends just dont hv time for u..
So i keep to my own small circle of friends n i am happy as they are my confidants as well..

Alan Poon: Someone have to credit the creative artwork done by your designer TS Clement. His graphics have been a wonderful companion to your post. Makes it catchy and all the more relevant and enticing to follow and read.

Andrew Chan: TSCH, my son Isaac is just the opposite of the above comment; he wants to remain n work with my wife n me in building the company. He is in no hurry to take over. $ to this young man is not the most important issue in life but family ties. Had many times suggested to him to open another branch n let him be an equal partner but taking full charge n he said, ” Not necessary, we r doing ok. ” Isaac values relationship n life. With the three of us, anyone of us is free to travel. He said, ” Dad, whatever bonuses you want to give me, invest in FD n then buy properties for me. Leave this totally to you ! ” Nay, we plan to semi retire in 6 years time n find a good helper for him. Will only act as financial contributor.

4 Aug 2017

THOSE WERE THE CHILDISH DAYS: More than 20 of my ex-classmates at Sibu Urban District Council Primary School No. 4 recently got connected on a WhatsApp group chat, and memories started flowing fast & furious. Many of them still remember who’s who and who did what almost 50 years ago. That’s me, 10th from left (back row) in this pic. I wasn’t wearing the white-coloured uniform like the rest, and I can’t recall why. One day, we’ll all wake up and realise we’re not children anymore. Growing up is by no means a bad thing. It allows us to find out who we are and make a difference in the world. But some people grow up physically but remain childish mentally. While the mind has to get out of its childish nature, I think the heart should retain some of its childlike innocence.


Selected followers’ comments:

Tuck Meng Choong: I like your last line!! (y)

Anyway, how can you and your friends even identify yourselves? It’s so small and not exactly high definition a photo. Lol!

I have similar photos from primary and secondary school where I stood out. One was of my scout’s patrol. All my patrol members wore their uniform very smartly, but mine was baggy and oversized. It was borrowed from a senior. And the most outstanding thing about me in that photo was that I wore a pair of white socks while the others wore knee-high grey stockings! Those days young scouts wore shorts, not long pants, and the stockings with the green garters just below the knees just looked so smart.

But my mom couldn’t afford to buy me those uniform ….

Mokhzani Mohamad: Sometimes I get emotional whenever I see old photos such as this. Just yearn for the good old times.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “While the mind has to get out of its childish nature, I think the heart should retain some of its childlike innocence”
-Clement Hii
We need to lighten our heart like child; very curious, innocently ignorant, playful but at the sametimes well disciplined. We had done some significant role in life or just an ordinary citizens, that doesn’t matter most, after all, the happiness and joy comes from our childlike innocence, forgive people easily, and no prolonged hatred, inside out.

As i grow up and observe things much much deeper, our Child ultimate safety [physical and Spiritual before adults] depends NOT ON THE CHILD, but from the deeds of their both parents. That is WHY, parents have to be honest, integrity and truthful in all his/her deeds know or unknown by others. Because, Karmic Law is very very harsh, it will harm the innocent in the family to teach a lesson. If we ever learned, because many ignore this sign of bad luck, had to do with their bad secret deeds.

5 Aug 2017

FAKE FRIENDS APLENTY: Not everybody is your true friend, even though they hang around you & laugh with you. For those who were once wealthy, they probably would have found out as soon as the money was gone, so were a lot of friends. Those fake friends will flee like you’re a plague once you’ve nothing left to offer. I find it amusing that some people who were avoiding me during my early struggling years now proclaim they’ve been my great buddies since time immemorial. It often turns out being generous or kind doesn’t always come back to you in your time of need. The fake friends won’t appreciate you in any definite form, but rather will depreciate you in value. There can be so many friends, but so little friendship.


Selected followers’ comments:

Shenna Dot: Indeed people willl avoid you like you have HIV or AIDS if you are broke and in desperate need of help. A few colleagues whom I considered to be close suddenly turned around and bad mouthed me and took the side of our dept head, when I needed their support the most. That was the most awakening experience of my life. It showed how cruel and selfish people are.

Christine Muk Kim Lee: Only when you are in difficulty you know who your true friends are. The fake friends will try to avoid you as if you will add them trouble or burdens.

Chai Moi Moi: Good night, Tan Sri. Yes, you are right. I agree with you. Different people have different characters, some are good and some are bad. Good real friends who are faithful to you are difficult to find. People will come you if they can take some advantages from you. If they can’t take any advantage from you, they will leave you. Be smart to choose you friends. Keep the good ones and get rid of the fake ones. Faithful friends will always stand by you side to understand you, help you and support you. Cherish your friendship. Cheers, sweet dreams.


6 Aug 2017

COOKING UP A GOOD MOOD: Outside of fancy business meals, we sometimes just need simple, humble food to nourish our body and our soul. Teochew porridge fits the bill perfectly for me, with its plain soupy rice, accompanied by a whole array of side dishes. The meal emphasises on simplicity & originality, and that’s what life in general should be about. I don’t get to meet any of my peers (or the Tan Sri’s or Datuks) in the coffeeshops I go to, but I guess everyone has different taste or preference. I believe it’s the most simple things in life – a smile, a walk or plain food – that makes us the happiest. Just having something nice, though simple, can put us in a good mood.


Selected followers’ comments:

Choon Pin Yoong: Perhaps the tastiest dishes are the ones devoid of artificial flavour enhancers like msg and sauces that mimic oyster or abalone flav ours.
The simple fish porridge lets one savour the sweetness of the fish, the distinct aroma of white pepper, ginger and sesame oil. The Chinese parsley adds a zing to it.
That surely will rejuvenate paralysed taste buds attacked by strong masking condiments.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Life should be simple and humble,
Away from unnecessary nonsense,
As we just want to be credible and sensible,
Carrying our day to day human tasks;

Life shouldn’t be hidden in turbulence,
Nearer to our clear conscience,
As we just have to be prudent in credence,
Executing our day to night humane tasks;

We believe simplicity is beauty,
A smile, a walk and plain food,
Nourishing our body and our soul,
Where we feel authentic and truthful;

We believe our beauty lies in originality,
A mile, a stalk and natural scenery,
Comforting our lust and our greed,
Where we feel relieved and relaxed;

Cooking up a good mood,
It isn’t worry free,
But our worries are put into perspectives,
Knowing that we can manage well;

Cooking up a good mood,
It isn’t care free,
But our cares are alloted into shares,
Apportioning into different wealth.