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Way back in 2011 I initiated an idea of starting a foundation to make it more effective and systematic in which I could carry out my philanthropic contributions to society. In February 2012, the authorities approved Hiichiikok Foundation and in November 2012, the Foundation set up its management team.

I have set up the Foundation to act not only as my personal social responsibility arm but that of my investment arm, HCK Capital Group as well. The day-to-day operation of the Foundation is taken care of by its manager, Jeremy Kwan who is assisted by Ms. Lee Yin Yoke. An executive committee helps to provide direction to the Foundation’s management.

To celebrate its first anniversary, a fundraiser dinner-concert is planned for April 2013. The Foundation is hoping to raise a substantial sum for four NGOs.

Jeremy has a good deal of experience working in the NGO sector. But more importantly he has the passion that I think will drive the Foundation’s programmes well. He has written a bit about the Foundation and the fundraiser event. I am sharing Jeremy’s introduction of Hiichiikok Foundation which sums up our objectives, our plans and the fundraiser event well:

Jeremy Kwan wrote:
“Hiichiikok Foundation was founded by Dato’ Seri Clement Hii. It was approved and registered as a foundation on 20 February 2012. Dato’ Seri Clement believes in the Chinese saying, “Return to society by one who have gained from it” (取之社会,用之社会).

The motto of the foundation is “Clarity in Charity”, which we believe in Hope for the Lost, the Least & the Last. This is being actualised through our mission to create a nurturing and caring environment for children who are orphans, from single parent households and under privileged background, and to empower them to become contributing members of society.

As part of the foundation active participation and contribution to the social issues related to children in Malaysia, and being one of the agents of change in provision of solutions, we hope to be able to do so through the objectives listed below:-

  • To address issues that infringe on the rights of children to access the support and care that can help them to be nurtured and for them to grow up to live their lives to the fullest potential in society.
  • To setup homes for children, who are either orphans, homeless or abused; and provide a caring environment for them to grow up to be contributing members of society.
  • To provide a free tuition programme to children of our homes and those who are from under privileged families.

Currently, the foundation has set up two main programmes:

  • Home for Children: targeting children who are either orphans, homeless or abused; aiming to provide a caring environment for these children to grow up to be contributing members of society, and
  • Free Tuition Programme (for children from families which are unable to afford private tuition).

In conjunction with our one year anniversary celebration this year, we will be organising our first fundraiser concert with a dinner in April 2013. The funds raised will go to four chosen children NGOs, namely Salvation Army Selangor, and three others to be finalised shortly.

We aim to provide a memorable event for all who are interested in children welfare to come for the purpose of a worthy cause for the children. At the same time we hope to be able to achieve our objective of raising funds for the four nominated NGOs, who are also actively participating and contributing to the social issues related to children in Malaysia.

The Foundation is in the process of registering a children home with the local social welfare agencies. We have found a suitable premise to establish our children home to provide a caring environment for them to grow up to be contributing members of society. The name of the Foundation’s children home has been decided and it is called HCK Home for Children “Helping & Caring with Kindness”. We hope the registration process will be completed by mid-2013 for us to take in children for the Home.

We plan to run various comprehensive programmes for the children in the Home to meet their holistic needs, which comprises of (a) orientation for the children, (b) child sponsorship, (c) weekdays (evening) or weekends (afternoon) tuition for the children, (d) weekends activity/outing, (e) vocational training, and (f) guidance sessions etc.

Our free tuition programme will be set up with two key target beneficiaries, namely, the children in our Home and those who are from under privileged families residing in the same community as our Home.

In conclusion, though the foundation aims to focus and to achieve our mission, we strive to continuously remain relevant to address the various social issues related to children in Malaysia. We hope to be one of the most talked about NGOs in Malaysia with a reputation of walking the talk that result in proven life changing solutions.”

I think Jeremy Kwan has the passion to drive Hiichiikok Foundation’s programmes well.