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What better way to get in the Mid-Autumn Festival spirits than with a quick and easy project the kids will love? That’s exactly what Peninsula International School Australia (PISA) teachers have in minds.

From 23rd September to 2nd October, the teachers set up do-it-yourself mooncake and lantern workshops in classroom dedicated for Mandarin learning. Students from both PISA’s primary and secondary schools joined in these delightful hands-on sessions. A few French language students also participated in this interesting activity inspired by Chinese customs.

Throughout the events, all students and organisers remained vigilant and practised standard operating procedures adhering to guides from Ministry of Health. According to the school’s Mandarin teacher, Blanche Tey, the idea is to promote traditional Chinese values, enhancing intercultural understanding between different races and nationalities.

She added, “Mid-Autumn Festival is a happy occasion and symbolises reunion and good fortune. It is meant for loved ones to gather and enjoy mooncakes together, amidst bright and colourful lanterns.”

“It’s a lot of fun. And by creating a happy, festive atmosphere for students during these uneasy times, the students can enjoy and learn through play. This is what we advocate in PISA,” surmised Blanche Tey.