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When things go wrong, many often find someone or something to blame. The only person they do not blame is themselves. Taken from my Facebook posting on 13 June 2018:

DON’T PLAY THE BLAME GAME: When I was young, I was told everything was my fault. If I got into a fight, my parents would give me the rotan first, never mind it was the other kid who started it. I grew up believing there’s accountability for every action (or non-action) that might draw adverse results. The millennials nowadays however are quick to blame others for real or perceived failures. I guess they have an unconscious defense mechanism to protect their fragile egos. At work, there’s often a lack of admission of responsibility when there’re mistakes or undesired outcomes. I don’t think it’s a good idea to play the “blame game.” If we have any role in anything that goes wrong, we should own up or offer an objective explanation of what occured. I prefer my employees to stick to the facts and let me or their superiors decide who’s at fault. We shouldn’t evolve into a society of blame casters.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: We have been taught from young to admit to our mistakes and offer our apologies . In my current office, sometimes when mistake was done , my boss will listen to the explaination and offer the solution to solve and take corrective actions rather than take punitive actions . He might be angry but we know it was only temporary and it disappear fast too . We can’t expect perfection all the time as certain things are sometimes beyond our control. Forgiveness is important or else we can become a hateful person.

Agatha Tan: Tan Sri CH has triggered my memory in his today’s write up. When I was around 7, I instigated my younger sister who is 5 to scratch my dad’s arm-pit while he was having his nap on the floor. My dad got up and beaten her with his palm and I stood beside quietly. I am still feeling guilty till today. Dad is gone, I have to apologise to my younger sister.
I did the same to my 2 boys when they were younger as your mum ie to penalise them when they fight or quarrel. When they grew older, my elder boy around 10 then approached me that he felt unfair for getting blame when he think it was his younger bro’s mistake and I always ask him to give in just because he is the elder bro; I began to hear both boy’s explanations. I even asked them what are the solution and penalty should be given to the wrong doer. I told them that making mistake is not deadly as we are human. Making mistakes and fail to admit and learn from the mistakes are more deadly.
In school, they were penalised as a class by their teacher when the class is noisy even they are not. They felt unfair and complained to me, I have to explain that we have sosial responsibility as a group and not always individual sometimes. Elder boy took the effort to help clean the classroom because he prefer to take the 1st bus sekolah trip and reached the school earlier. Their class was nominated as the champion and won a big hamper. I told him the principle are the same, some classmates may not clean up but didn’t litter the classroom but have roles to play.
For siblings rivalry, I told him respect has to be earned and not being the elder brother. Gave him some suggestions to try out and he learned to communicate and worked together as brothers.
Parenting has a role in today’s millennial behaviour as I found over pampering them due to we have less children compared to our parents may handicapped our children’s growth rather than build them to be a responsible adult.

Krizian Lim: Anyone who didn’t made a mistake, he has never progressed. Some are so afraid to make mistakes so they avoid doing things all together. Others are too afraid of being seen less competent, so they choose to blame other factors, without realising that this only make them look worse.

A good manager is expected to make decisions within his jurisdiction and be accountable for it. A good leader is not one who never made a mistake but humbly admit his mistake, explain why the action was taken (or not taken) and tell. “This is how I could make good…..” People can usually accept or forgive one who admits his mistake sincerely and offer suggestions to make good the situation, not a coward who plays “blame game”.

My other FB postings between 11 June 2018 and 17 June 2018:

11 June 2018

IT WAS INTERESTING, BUT IRRELEVANT: I couldn’t help cringing each time someone says something’s being done a certain way because “it’s the way it has always been done” In a technology-fuelled world where processes and methods could change overnight, it’s really not cool to stick to doing the same things the same way, day in and day out. Any of my employees who uses that phase will come across to me as lazy and resistant to change. Most people don’t attempt to do things differently, maybe like eliminating steps that might be redundant or re-engineering a process to make it more efficient. Too often, we naturally become accustomed to our standard and repetitive duties. I think yesterday was interesting, but it’s also irrelevant now. It’s always the right time to find new ways of doing old tasks.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning.
In a home we find new ways, adjusting ourselves with the growing children in order to be able to communicate and understand them. Even on food we have to think of new ways to improve the cooking methods and taste.
As for office, we adjust our workload according to the demand and requirements of Clients. Find methods to speed up work or new ideas to solved loopholes in a project. Houses are design with thoughts, according to new requirement to meet demand.
The world is changing and people are growing. We can’t be left behind sticking to the old ways.
Anybody notice the picture faces are the same person?

Latha Ravindran: Change is the only constant in our lives. When we do things differently we are also invariably forced to think of alternatives. Sometimes even old wine in a new bottle works. Its about inventing new ways as our context is changing. As as far as principles and values stick to your tradition and remember your mom is always right, that is going back to the basics.

A beautiful Monday morning as the dawn breakthrough among the beautiful cloudy sky. The quietness of the school holidays and lesser extent of traffic rushing out to work. Be blessed and SMILE.
Kaisen, often heard and encourage among working culture where there be continuous improvement and change to progressive TEAM. A highly positive emotional overwhelming with low on depression like loneliness, hopelessness and negative impact of themselves.
So, to remember in recruitment process of the selection of characteristics and those key skills are important content at work that truly value staff, trust them and value them and provide them with Kaisen and case studying to boost the bottom line for entirely change culture and happy environment. Keep away those small people who belittle about changes and be some one go for continue in improving their working environment and system in a small way or micro contributions. SMILE.


12 June 2018

MEANWHILE, AT THE SINGAPORE SUMMIT… As the whole world waited with bated breath for the outcome of the unprecedented US-North Korea summit in Singapore, I got to say “hi” to Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un lookalikes at a seafood restaurant. Kim said he would always have a job as long as the real Kim was alive in Pyongyang. Trump told me he couldn’t get a seat on Air Force One, so he had to fly into the city state by economy class on a commercial flight. I think there’s nothing wrong with creating parodies or spoofs. The universe is already a tensed-up and stressful place, no thanks to Kim’s love for nuclear warheads and Trump’s erratic motor mouth. Maybe some topics are more sensitive than others, but making fun of people the right way can put those humourless & mean characters, like many of our politicians, in their place. I hope (the real) Trump and Kim know that there’s nothing like a good joke and a good laugh to ease sociopolitical tensions and save the world.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and a blessed day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my online friends herein. The personalities depicted herein might be look alikes but in reality the two leaders meeting in Singapore today have a great historical significance. Lets us pray that their meeting will diffuse the tension surrounding the Korean peninsular and their immediate neighbours.🙏🙏

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, I actually love Trump, I have a deeper understanding of his character before his presidential election, I basically studied him through books about him, listened to talks from him and about him, I do like him a bit more than the common people who knows less about him. In this never before event of North Korea and US meet and probably opening up to the world, Trump has made his miracle milestone. He stood firm and hard against Kim and made a proposition.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I think there’s nothing wrong with creating parodies or spoofs”
-Clement Hii
There were billions of us on this planet, definitely lookalikes is in the corner or purposely impersonating, its an arts after all. For the real Trump – Kim, hopefully they don’t push the atomics button. Cheers, another sweet gorgeous Tuesday.


14 June 2018

WATCHDOGS OR FRIENDLY ADVISORS? The recent annual shareholders meeting of listed SEG International Bhd, as usual, was a tame affair that hardly lasted more than 30 minutes, with the voting of resolutions thrown in. We’ve been advised to improve the door gifts and buffet spread to draw a bigger crowd, but I think that’s not the point. AGMs should be a good forum for investors to connect or communicate with the board of directors and management. SEGi is managed by people with majority stakes, like private equity Navis and myself, so the company’s interests are perfectly aligned with investor returns. We hear of fiery AGMs elsewhere where shareholders take the directors to task on contentious issues. Corporate Malaysia is rightly being pressured for greater transparency and better governance. Board members are expected to act as watchdogs of the management but I personally think they’re more effective as friendly advisors.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: An AGM could only be a tame affair if the organisation is well managed and expectations are met.

Board members could be both watchdogs and friendly advisors but never a wolf in sheep’s clothing with personal agenda. We have witnessed the recent tussle in a government linked entity when a board member was accused of channeling projects to his own company. While no one is guilty until proven so in a court of law, this episode could be a good lesson for all.

Lim Yew Chong: Throwing door gifts n buffet lunches are akin to throwing free gifts n monies during the recent election which are not productive. We want shareholders to ask questions to keep control over the management of the company. No point for shareholders later to complain of lousy management n directors.

Ong Phaik Kim: Oh if it is a family run company. Better to stay away from their agm!

Flying objects aplenty if old man have more than one wives!

Only way to stay out of harm is to dive under the table n crawl all the way out of the room n run’

Caught in one such meeting in the board room back in 1980, my 1st job some more! At that time only 18 years old!

Coming from a loving home n never see people fight before. It was eye opening! What a experience!


15 June 2018

LET’S CELEBRATE … and not just on special occasions like the Hari Raya. We celebrate family, friends, our diversity, racial harmony and the positive changes that are coming to this beautiful nation of ours. Most importantly, we celebrate life. The more we celebrate our life, the more in life there is to celebrate.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: Yes, let’s celebrate the Hari Raya with our beloved Muslim friends from far and near starting today! 💃🕺🎉🎊 Let’s dance and sing Hari Raya song! Other than Hari Raya, we have Depavali, Christmas n Chinese New Year to be celebrated later on. We are so blessed to stay in a multiracial country with many different celebrations n cultures which make our life so interesting! Treasure all the happy moments with our Malay, Indian, Chinese or other races’ friends, for we are lucky to have each other! Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf zahir Dan batin. 💙💚💛

Rohaty Majzub: Yes being greatful for both small and big things
In life is necessary and the festive seasons are the opportune moments
Every hari raya thank God one is healthy and wiser
although not necesarily wealthy: we always can compare selves to the people of Gaza to Syria to Rohingya where oppression and cruelty continues and the world just looks and futility in seeking peace is consistently present
Thank you Malaysia I am glad to be here to stay here from yesterday to forever more !Selamat Hari Raya Maaf zahir Batin
Enjoy your holidays abd Take care Everyone! Love you Malaysia

Christopher Tan: You seem to be taking a rest on this festive holiday. Your posting today is unusually short!


16 June 2018

OUR DREAMS & DETOURS IN LIFE: My meal was interrupted by a tall young man who said he was an ardent FB friend and “surprised” to see me eating at an “ordinary hawker centre.” Dr Y H Ng shared he wanted to be a medical doctor but life took a detour, and he ended up taking up science degrees up to PhD level in the US and Canada. Then he worked in cancer research in Australia, after which he finally completed a medical degree in Indonesia. After many unexpected twists, Ng may eventually get to practise medicine. Often, dreams take time in coming to fruition. In between, there’ll detours and disappointments lining the pathway. Will we get bitter or get better? Should we give up or remain faithful? My parents couldn’t afford to send me to law school, so I became a journalist. A decade and many business failures later, I enrolled as an adult learner to get my law degree, then bought over the college (left with 6 students) for a song, and built it into a formidable institution. The alternative route in life may initially be bumpy but it can also become breathtaking. The detours may enrich us in ways that we would never have expected.


Selected followers’ comments:

Abi Muthalib: Me too, wanted to be a lawyer way back in in the early 80’s. At this age still the desire is there.
Hopefully will be able to do law, before the light is turned off.

Yaacob Ariffin: Thanks for sharing the great detours in life. Finally it ends up wonderful for both. I choose to stay on course what i started and remain until retirement. Thanks God, You have given me so so so much….

Chai Moi Moi: Good morning, Tan Sri. I salute you because you are strong and never give up. That is why you can be a very successful entrepreneur. Life is never easy. What you have gone through is the experience or lesson that has strengthened you to your dreams of success. Your journey of success is a good motivation for youngsters to learn for success. Great. 👍👍👍👏👏👏💪💪💪


17 June 2018

Selected followers’ comments:

Evelyn Lai: Good morning and Happy Father’s Day to TS and all papa here. You look at your critics through the lens of gratefulness, this says lots about your attitude. You certainly deserve to be who and where you are today. The meek and quiet can turn the tide in any situation as can be seen in our recent election, we can’t write off these people who are seen to be mousy. Have a great Sunday friends.

Choon Pin Yoong: My late mother used to tell me we should not look down on or underestimate others. She said a low stool might not be as comfortable as a chair. But people who don’t give them a look might just get a fall when they trip over it.

Teh Lawrence: If a man starts to believe that the optimum has been reached then he is at his peak and thus the next step he takes is downward slope.
In office you usually see the quiet quiet ones performing up to expectations and the boisterous ones delivering less in work more in saliva. Thus be not deceived.
Self confidence is an important attribute. But taking it beyond the realm of reasoning becomes unhealthy or even dangerous as too in perceived self glorification.