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As a prominent developer of education cities, HCK Capital Group spearheads in building commendable homes and respectable learning institutions that provide quality education. Building and nurturing communities are at the very heart of HCK Capital Group’s mission. As such, the Group has partnered with SAM, an exclusive marketing representative of HCK Group and SEGi University & Colleges to offer a series of professional certifications, collectively known as REAL – Real Estate Affirmative Learning. These custom designed programmes are for individuals keen to start a career in the real estate business as well as for those looking to upskill in the property industry during these challenging times.

There are 6 available programmes under REAL, namely the Executive Programme in Property Sales and Marketing, Executive Programme in Real Estate Investments and Professional Diploma in Real Estate Branding & Digital Marketing. Also include in the series are the Executive Bachelor in Business Administration, Executive Bachelor in Real Estate Investment as well as Executive MBA in Estate Management. Each REAL programme offers relevant courses that suit individual and specific needs.

The duration of the programmes are from 3 to 9 months depending on to the selected programme. The courses are conducted online and the learning process are supported by videos. These home-based courses are convenient and accommodating to schedule of working adults, hence fulfilling their work-study balance. Certification-seekers can expect dedicated lecturers and sufficient peers support. REAL programmes are certified by SEGi University & Colleges and World Accreditation Limited (WAL).

Developed by SEGi University & Colleges and marketed exclusively through SAM, REAL (Real Estate Affirmative Learning) programmes are essential for individuals to gain valuable industry knowledge, to develop practical skills and to go further in his or her career in the property industry. Through these programmes, the individual could learn the latest property insights and understand the know-hows of real estate business. This will make the individual stands out and has an edge over the others in the property industry.

As the current wide-reaching pandemic continues to roil the nation’s economy causing record high unemployment, HCK Capital Group pledges RM200,000 to SAM as scholarships for individuals seeking to improve their livelihoods through upskilling in the property industry. This initiative is in line with the Group’s aspiration to continue to nurture and motivate the community by empowering careers in the real estate industry.

HCK Captial Group is honoured to be the pioneering developer to collaborate with SAM and SEGi University & Colleges to offer these professional certification programmes during these hard times. When so many are facing retrenchments and job-related issues that affect their incomes, the Group has high hopes that these professional certifications could be life-changing solutions for affected individuals, bringing not only career opportunities but also as a stepping stone to individual achievement and professional success.

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