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“Edusphere” is another key mixed development project the HCK Group is developing. Like the projects in Setia Alam and Ipoh, “Edusphere” also comes with an education component. Taken from my FB posting on 6 Feb 2017:

NOT JUST A PLACE IN SPACE: We’re developing another education city in Cyberjaya, the 3rd in a series (our other ongoing projects are in Setia Alam and Ipoh). To be named “Edusphere,” the 24-acre development will feature a medical university, commercial blocks and high-rise residences, with a GDV of about RM1.8 billion. Construction of the spacious campus will be completed by year-end, at the site just across Multimedia University. Works on the other components will commence thereafter. The HCK Group is building an intelligent enclave to complement Cyberjaya’s aspiration to be Malaysia’s Silicon Valley. It shall be more than just a place in space: we’re creating a beautiful & conducive sphere for a discerning community.


Selected followers’ comments:

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: Providing affordable education with high qualified standard is an essential economic drive in preventing Malaysia students going aboard & inhabiting foreign students coming to our shore.
HCK under the leadership of TS & son will steer the branding to a greater height.

Shenna Dot: I don’t know much about property development, but I do know each housing or commercial development must have a good theme and a good and reputable company or person behind it Your projects have both, sir.

Christopher Tan: You must be super busy with so many multi billion $ projects and yet you stay grounded and take time to share all your experiences with us, Tan Sri,


My other FB postings between 7 Feb 2017 and 12 Feb 2017:

7 Feb 2017

THE COURAGE TO SMILE: There have been occasions when I’m told I don’t smile often enough. I know I shouldn’t look solemn all the time, but when I’m in deep thoughts on serious issues, it’ll be awkward to be grinning away. Most people can’t hold a smile for too long anyway, and it’s a matter of time before they have to show their teeth. But we do see individuals who look angry all the time, like anger is their protective shield. I don’t think we need to continuously smile. But we must dare to smile gracefully when each new day begins, and in the face of trouble or distress.


Selected followers’ comments:

Soo Bee Kiong: Smile and the world smile with you. TS, that’s a genuine smile you had in the picture. Cool.

Shir Teo: Smiling connect you with people and one of the best way to get your business going. I recently watched an idol singing competition, there is one girl who doesn’t have a smiling face due to the tilting downward of her mouth. The judges all told her that all of them sung equally well but her expression was not gonna do her good if she did not smile when she needed to.

Krizian Lim: Good one, Tan Sri. I am smiling reading your post after my workout.

I am one of those who loves to smile… hmm, most of the time. I sometimes smile at people who look at me, just as a gesture to say “hi”. Smile is something contagious. The other day when I smiled at a cashier, she smiled back to to me and told me something nice. I think she could bring more smiles to her customers. That is how contagious our energy is.

Don’t wait for bright day to smile. Smile to brighten up the day


8 Feb 2017

IT’S A MATERIAL WORLD: We live in a materialistic world where most people are worried about what they have rather than who they are. It’s always about chasing for more money & power. The emphasis is on what brands we’re using, what cars we’re driving and what schools our children go to. Those with lavish lifestyles are seen as blessed & blissful. People spend their whole lives striving for money over happiness. They put more value on material things than personal accomplishments. We live in a world that only works well if people are constantly spending. It’s a major flaw of our society and I think it’ll only get worse.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: Salute Tan Sri. If I am a Tan Sri I will never have the guts and boldness to write as such , as you do ,for the fear of not so nice repercussions from the elites.
It is not a calling of display of disguised poverty and pretence . Neither are we to be a caveman . Money in itself is not a bad thing. Only that the ❤️ for money can drive one to do the most unimaginable things at other’s expense.
Can we head for Kak Minah in a Myvi now? Cheers!

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, reminds me of what happened last week at my son’s wedding night dinner. Was driving my humble 8 year old Myvi n was trying to park at the VIP parking lot reserved for me. The security guard at the entrance of a 5 Star Posh Hotel stopped me n signalled it’s meant for a VIP guest’s car ! Have to tell him that I am the VIP n to look at the number n not my car ! See, people judge u by what u wear, type of car u drive n of course the company u mixed with. Cheers n as for me, I prefer to stay humble, knowing how God has blessed me is sufficient n what others think is insignificant !

Terence Wong: Very true Tan Sri, materialism is so deep into the culture that, even 7 yr old kids compared with their peers on the brand of their shoes, and even security guards judged you and me by our appearance..society getting more disaligned.


9 Feb 2017

CHALLENGING OUR OWN SENSES: My nephew Alex Hii has done well for himself, with tailoring outlets and a loyal clientele in Sibu. But he also has the guts to dream big, and is working on a fashion brand 9Posix which he hopes will become a global name one day. I was around his age when I decided doing small deals was a waste of time. My ambition had to be so big that every obstacle along the way seemed small & insignificant. I decided to challenge my own senses, and took the risk to relocate to KL. I’ll say this: dream big but crystallise them by goals & timelines. Those without dreams are living through time without a meaningful purpose, and it’s such a waste of bountiful resources.


Selected followers’ comments:

Chris Cheong Ean Hwa: So this is how you made it, TS Clement. I was always wondering what drives you to achieve success in life n in business. What kept you on and on even when faced with medical ( n almost fatal) problems.So this is what kept the fire in your belly, burning strong. Thank you for the inspiration. I should try to lead my life with more purpose n a bigger ambition. Cheers to you for the thought.

Imelda Billie: 6 years ago I took up a challenge for a promotional post. The journey so far has been bumpy but sprinkled with many moments of achievements and gratitude. I am also grateful to have a team of people beside me who are committed to move forward and make things happen. Praying and hoping for better days ahead.

Tam Foo Chong: If a person is hardworking , making a good business out of a venture is not a problem, but making it big would require a lot of people to have confident in your abilities, kudos to you Tan Sri, I am still unable to move beyond small enterprise, pls advise , Tan Sri, any guidance words?


10 Feb 2017

A POMELO & 2 LIONS: Two lions made their annual CNY pilgrimage to my office, with the God of Prosperity in tow. One lion put its head on my desk for a full 5 minutes and for a moment, I thought it was refusing to perform for me. It turned out the pause was to allow the performer to peel a pomelo and oranges to present to me (any resemblance to a recent VIP incident is totally coincidental). It’s a Chinese culture which I fully appreciate, but I’m not getting too carried away by the promise of good luck by the prancing lions. The only good luck I know is the ability & determination to overcome bad luck with hard work.


Selected followers’ comments:

Eric Wong: Lion dance is a traditional Chinese culture. If Chinese stop this lion dancing, our culture would be lost forever.

The only things that’s holding the community is the culture much like a moral cause. Any resemblance of a certain religious belief is purely coincidental.

In life, there’s yin and yang. We need a balance. Recently I went to my client’s RM6,000,000 home and I think I know why unfavourable luck is felt in their home. The eldest son climbed to save his cat and broke his leg.

The father who insured his BMW with us was caught while driving during a flash flood. The repairs including change of engine was estimated to be 20% higher than the sum insured. It’s a total loss! It’s a 6 figure sum.

Back to my point, the home was dimly lit. Too much yin. Too little yang. Yin lighthing is preferred in bedroom.

Now the lion dance is recommended to bring in the yang to your business premises and scare away any undesirable elements in one’s home or office. Huat Ah! Tan Sri All the best!

Patrick Yeoh: The painting of Napoleon Bonapate behind you seems very fitting! An all conquering self proclaimed Emperor of Europe. In a way Sir, you too are a corporate conqueror! Haha!

Shawn Ng: have the same painting on the wall too. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


11 Feb 2017

EMBRACING OUR UNIQUENESS: This could be an election year, and politicking may reach its peak in the months ahead. The bruising battle may see some political or religious oddballs coming out with words or actions that are hurtful to some communities. We may have different ideologies, beliefs or even skin colour, but it’s the uniqueness of each of us that makes Malaysia such a fascinating place with such great potential. It’s for us to cultivate a culture of tolerance and compassion. We must embrace each other and accept everyone’s individuality, because we’re all in this life together.


Selected followers’ comments:

David Tan: Focus on what have the politician done for the past few years rather than what they will do before GE.
GE 13 promises seem like a promise only

Tay Cheow Hwang:

We’re unique,
In one way and another,
It’s how we make up,
A nation called Malaysia;

We’ve our own way,
Of languages and cultures,
Yet we stand up together,
As one nation called Malaysia;

Malaysia doesn’t belong,
To only one race as the master,
But we’re the master,
Of only one Malaysian race;

Malaysian doesn’t belong,
To chauvinism and extremism,
But we’re moderate and inclusive,
Of only one Malaysian race;

Nobody can claim superiority,
Others have to suffer inferiority,
We’re sensible of our strengths,
Accepting our weaknesses;

Nobody can claim primacy,
Others have to lose sovereignty,
We’re credible of our shortfalls,
Admitting our fallacies;

We’re diverse,
Diversity is only the strength,
If there’s unity of coexistence,
Complementing one parity;

We’re different,
Differences are only the best,
If there’s preference of commonality,
Collaborating one reality;

If not…..

Our diversity is divisive,
We see individuality without unity,
Our differences are deterrent,
We see compassion without companion;


We can’t move our inertia,
Unlocking our own potential,
Impeding to progress,
Making ingress into backwardness;

Let’s embrace each other,
Putting every lace into string of unity,
We see ourselves as oneness,
Of different ones in reality!

Let accept everyone’s individuality,
Living in this life together,
We see ourselves as well,
Of different backgrounds on same ground!


12 Feb 2017

THE SEARCH FOR ENLIGHTENMENT: I wasn’t looking for some light at the end of the tunnel. I was merely curious about the kind of insights well-known Indian spiritual guru Sadhguru would offer his followers at his “inner engineering” event. On stage, Sadhguru’s a powerful speaker whose thoughts on life are kind of refreshing. He makes an attempt to bridge the “known & the unknown,” and stresses on the natural state of joy & freedom. But if you ask me, enlightenment isn’t something you’ll find at seminars or retreats. It’s putting aside our immaturity & selfishness and taking full responsibility of our own life.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I was merely curious about the kind of insights well-known Indian spiritual guru Sadhguru would offer his followers at his “inner engineering” event.
-Clement Hii
Curiosity and and want to know, sometimes makes us thinks deep on one particular subjects can be good. After all, we were free to explore and given the freedom to know everything that exists in this planet, which at the end, we believe there is God the Creator OR believe in science of Evolution by fellows humans. It could be nothing wrong, we were on science, but our life will be always searching for; inner peace, joy, fulfillment if we are not on Divine path by the Holy Spirit of God the Creator. Cheers, be careful of the false spiritual guru, they want your money.

Latha Ravindran: I went to that event in the Mines and I must admit that he is a good speaker and has a way of engaging with the audience. While it is true there are many conmen who disguise themselvez in the name of spirituality it is up to us to be careful to not fall into the trap. I for one thoroughly enjoy listening to his speeches on various topics.

Kf Lim: When Sadhguru was asked “How…Do you think spirituality can get rid of corruption to some extent?”.
“He mentioned that most Indians are not educated enough to understand non-corrupt ways of doing things. Things like stopping on a rid-light to wait for it to turn green. He joked that powerful and corrupt people have misunderstood the theory of relativity; for them “relatives are everything”….”