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In the good old days, newspapers and magazines were printed on paper. Fast forward to the present, many media companies have gone paperless and the HCK Group has also embraced the online revolution. Taken from my Facebook 18 Dec 2018.



WE HOPE IT GETS BETTER: Today, “digital” is the in-thing. The talk of the town, in fact. As an entrepreneur, I’m not alone in realising that our business models are being disrupted. Media companies, including our publishing arm, are embracing digital technology with an vengeance. For business weekly Focus Malaysia, browsing has just gotten easier. You can now get the all new digital experience by downloading our new app at AppStore: Google Playstore: My FB friends here are eligible to have fully sponsored FREE access at Isn’t that cool? See for yourself how the format and interactivity have changed in each week’s publication. My team is confident it’s for the better.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: With today internet connectivity. Going digital is the way to move forward.

Christopher Tan: FOCUS is an impressive paper, but the media isn’t an easy business, sir. I am sure all the media owners are suffering losses. That is what I heard.

Shenna Dot: Sometimes it takes a cost,y lesson for us to wake up and realise that we must go with the digital flow. Otherwise we are dead as a business.


My other FB postings between 17 Dec 2018 and 23 Dec 2018:

17 Dec 2018

THE BREEZE THAT PUTS US AT EASE: There are a few places on earth that makes us feel that life is too detailed and rushed. That’s when we’re facing natural resources of gigantic proportions and yet they give us a sense of calmness and freshness. I think the ocean, for one, makes our daily routines seem like a stagnant pond. When I’m out at sea, I can feel inspired by the waves and the blue skies. Taking in the strong wind can clear my mind, and there’s a natural fragrance to it. It smells better than the after-bath cologne I use. We need to feel the breeze, to be at ease. And you can’t kill the breeze, just as you can’t kill the dreams of those who insist and persist.


Selected followers’ comments:

Agatha Tan:The breeze which constantly blow to us brings us calmness; on the other hand, it also forewarn us in the stillness ; the storms may come. It is always the nature like ocean or mountain that never fails to awes me. I feel so tiny and little and strong winds may carry me away😉

Jacky Chin: I like the sea too, it’s like a whole new world, I went diving a few times and love the alien neighborhood there~ ^^

Eugenie Ang: Nature and ocean could exhibits your mind. Silent may helps you ponder out memory.


19 Dec 2018

FOR A BETTER MALAYSIA, HE NEVER GAVE UP: He got agitated when I mentioned people might see DAP as another MCA if it didn’t continue to push for its reform agenda, now that it’s part of the ruling coalition. That’s vintage Lim Kit Siang – he won’t want anything to do with the previous regime which he sees as kleptocratic and spineless. I first met him in the 70s when I was a budding journalist, and many decades later, I find that he hasn’t wavered in his fight for a better and fairer country. Lesser mortals would have given up – Kit Siang spoke up persistently against corruption and other wrongs, was consistently persecuted and twice jailed during his 50 years in the opposition. The DAP advisor declined to join Tun Dr Mahathir’s cabinet, to give way to the younger leaders. If previous mudslingings were to be believed, he would have been appointed PM by now, and gotten a billion ringgit bribe. Truth be told, Malaysians have a lot to thank this gentleman for making the dawn of a New Malaysia possible.


Selected followers’ comments:

Soo Bee Kiong: TSCH, you echoed what I think of LKS. Glad that he odds out of the cabinet. People like him and Karpal are true patriots of MY.

Michael Hie: LKS, the biggest political icon in Malaysia, the most respected citizen of all time. My highest salute to LKS.

Chai Moi Moi: Good morning, Tan Sri. Yes, you are right, Mr. Lim Kit Siang is a great man. He is a great fighter who fights for the truth. Cheers and be blessed.


20 Dec 2018

PUTTING UP WITH THE RAIN: A few of my expatriate employees remarked that they hadn’t seen so much rain back in their own countries. Well, we locals also better brace ourselves for a wet season ahead, as I’m told the entire country is expecting heavy rainfall and thunderstorms in the coming months. The heavier downpours could result in flash floods, and moving around the congested streets could become a commuter’s nightmare. Our roads and drainage don’t seem to have been properly planned or equipped. Massive traffic jams can occur – I was once terribly late for a meeting because it took me 3 hours to get from PJ to KL city centre. February through April appear to be the worst months, as that’s when the monsoon directly hits the city the hardest. On the bright side, our topical weather is relatively friendly and moderate most days of the year. I guess if we want the blue skies, we have to put up with the rain.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ahmad Ziakari: Our downpours are not as harsh as in some other countries. But those staying slopes should be careful of landslides. The landslides in our country keep on increasing and are in the world ranking now.

Keong Ng: Malaysia its a rain forest tropical country. Lotsa rain is usual.. No rain then problem.

Linda Cheung: But people want rain without the hot spell or the sunshine without the heavy downpour. In other words, they want the cake and eat it too!


21 Dec 2018

I GAVE HIM THE SPRINGBOARD: Perajun Krishnan, MD of Swack Security, reminded me he got his big break in business 6 years ago when I gave his new start-up its 1st major contract, choosing it over other bigger security firms. He had about 20 guards then, and today his workforce exceeds 800. My companies still outsource their security work to him. Perajun showed me the few business awards he won recently, and said he’s appreciative of the trust and business boost I’d given him. I feel young entrepreneurs should be given a chance to prove themselves. My group of companies, both listed and unlisted, have a combined annual operating budget of about RM450 million, and that’s sustaining many jobs, vendors and service providers in the supply chain. I’m fine with not hearing from the many small-timers who’ve gone on to bigger things after I gave them the initial leg-up. Perajun‘s insistence to see and thank me is hence a pleasant surprise. People who succeed may not always be a grateful bunch, but I think grateful people are always more likely to succeed.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sitheravellu Sathasivam: Perajun has shown gratitude to Clement Hii who gave him a big break in his security business. Syabas.

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: In life we need to have that “benefactor – 貴人” whom he/she will generously extend that little “push factor” to allow the needy to sail smoother in turbulence.

Tirunavokarasan Manickam: TQ Mr Clement for having the trust towards my friend Perajun Krishnan.


22 Dec 2018

THE FASHION BLUNDERS WE’VE MADE: Fashion and style aren’t exactly on my priority list, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d occasionally mismatched my wardrobe and committed fashion faux pas. Even the most stylish of my friends tell me they sometimes wear something they later realised they shouldn’t be wearing. I couldn’t stand males who’re overloaded with accessories. We see women who sport unconventional looks that’ll elicit cringe-worthy reactions. I’ll always remember a dressing blunder I made a few years back – I wore a red shirt to a Chinese wake. It was so embarrassing, though the grieving family didn’t appear to mind. A tycoon told he accidentally wore a minister’s shoes back home after a visit to his house. It only takes some small oversights or details to make your carefully crafted outfit a lot less polished than you realised. What kind of fashion slip-ups have you made?


Selected followers’ comments:

Linda Cheung: I had seen a photo of a former Sarawak Chief Minister with his young wife. And in the photo, the CM’s buttons were not aligned!

Yvonne Keong: From young we have been taught to look good not overdressed or flaunty! Came work days & we had a boss who hates high-heels clacking on noisy floor.

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: This is the result that our youngsters/designers always being taught for “think out of the box”.


23 Dec 2018

WHEN OUR DAY IS STILL FULL OF POSSIBILITY: Many entrepreneurs tell me their years passed in a flash of deadlines and deals, and they hardly know people who aren’t connected to their work. Well, I think their experiences aren’t unique. Each time I see gatherings in pubs or cafes having a good time, I kind of miss those earlier days when my social life was more active and fulfilling. I guess friendships often drift apart when we get older, more busy and as our interests change. Also, there might come a time when face-to-face communications are greatly replaced by social media. But meantime, sitting down for some drinks and light food, like I did recently with Dato’ Sri Chee Hong Leong, Sam Huang, Adrian Chew, Sunny Wong, Wong Liang Ching and Chloe Tan, is definitely more impactful than a tweet or email. It’s a fantastic way to hear what our friends are up to and the juicy gossips they’re privy to. It makes the rest of our day full of possibility and fun.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cornelius Lo: Agree. And it is not uncommon that sometimes we receive feedback from friends that we shouldn’t have commented or said certain things in the facebook or pubicly. Like you so rightly say, some gossips are privy.

Kpo Junnie: Love voices and sound of laughter. you cannot get that through the phone.

Jayne Loh: Nothing like a gathering with old school mates, frens, neighbors, ex colleagues, etc to bring back some nostalgia, fun n opening doors to endless possibilities 🙂