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While a credit card allows one to spend money he or she does not have, debit cards allow for better control of one’s finances. Taken from my Facebook posting on 26 July 2018:

WHEN DEBIT IS BETTER THAN CREDIT: There’re a few people I know who’ve made a firm decision to completely avoid the use of credit cards. That choice is surprising in this modern era, when cashless and online transactions are the norm. Convenience rules our lives, and using plastics for credit purchases is easier – and trendier – than using cold cash. But this minority sees debit cards as a better option, which gives them better financial usefulness and security. A young pal told me he prefers the simplicity of a debit card, in that he buys something and his money disappears. In that sense, debit cards necessitate the budgeting within one’s means, rather than spending ahead and then playing catch up. We need to regularly think realistically about our financial capacity and capability, tycoons or paupers alike. There’s hardly anything in life that can drag us down more than debts.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jasmine Ang: Good morning everybody.
Between debit and credit cards l rather used the credit card. Debit card is more convenient for spending smaller amount but credit card we can use for any amount of purchase including over our budget. Moreover there’s this points collection function where we can exchange for free gifts while debit card, no. If I lose my debit card anyone can use it immediately and when l didn’t report the lost. Credit card there’s the pin number for safety and the bank will inform us after every translation done. Credit card is much preferred by me with wise spending.
Whatever it is I still prefer to carry a small amount of cash with me. Not everywhere they have the card gadget like small retail shops, market place or even the newspaper seller. For the lesser us, we can’t give smaller amount of donation (box) with debit card 🤣.
Definately credit card and some cash for me.

Alice YokYuen Wong: For a better financial management of our own funds, Debit cards are better because we need to think first before we buy anything. We must have that amount of money in our bank account before we can swipe it. Yes, we need to have good budgeting before we decide on a purchase. It’s convenient and is cashless – no need to carry an abundance of Cash with us to go shopping!
Credit cards on the other hand is great for emergency use like an unexpected hospitalisation.
Nowadays it’s rare for anyone not to have at least one credit card in their possessions.
I remembered during the late 1980s when credit cards first came into the picture, my colleagues were all smiles upon getting theirs and straight away withdrew cash from the maximum credit limit and spend like nobody’s business! Ah.,.. .. when the statements came, the smiles disappeared.
Good morning everyone, know when to swipe your cards because you can end up with huge financial debts if you are not careful. Lots of young people fall into the trap of living on credit. When the debts ballooned then you are in trouble. That’s because when we spend on future money we do not know how much we had used. When suddenly you find debt collectors at your doorstep, then your headaches starts. Avoid this bankruptcy trap.

A beautiful Thursday morning as the sun painted skyline above those blue mountains and beautiful cool breeze whispering across the surroundings. Its freshness fragrance green and waving of trees, an attraction for birdsong and SMILE.
Often many of those younger generation are using cash instead of most in a chasing the cashless spending on plastic cards.
They are those who have misunderstood the true meaning of money management and ended with long term interest rates with the credit card companies and banks or facing bankrupt notices filled up at their addresses.
Many financial crisis is worsted by every cent that counts than just earning isn’t any chance of depending upon cash management or limitations that might dragging on for months or even years of overspending lesson and SMILE.


My other FB postings between 23 July 2018 and 29 July 2018

23 July 2018

THIS GUY LOOKS DOWN ON ME: The 1st thing I asked retired professional basketball player Bonel Balingit when he visited my office recently was: “How’s the weather up there?” I mean, the Filipino, also known as the Gentle Giant, at 6 feet 9 inches, is one full foot taller than me. Asians aren’t known to be humans of great heights, but we can’t say being tall is a disadvantage. Bonel had a great 10-year career playing center, and still has legions of fans everywhere. I believe tall people are given a leg up in childhood, workplace and social settings. Little kids obey them by default, they often are better at certain sports, and they can take the stairs 3 at a time. They are usually more confident, and more people can see them, and their voice can carry further. Of course Bonel finds buying clothes that fit a real pain, and banging his head on doors and low stuff sucks. Still, all in all, tallness isn’t a bad deal.


Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: God took a day off and his angels miscalculated in the creations – that’s why 😅.
It’s true in some hotels there are ‘ extended bench like ‘ thing made to latch on to the main bed for tall guys. Can charge them more or not? No says the housekeeper to the big eye finance guy!
But most big guys are nice polite people although they speak to you from heavens. Ask Brother Andrew why all that changed when they are in basketball courts!

Frankie David Chieng: These days the gen x, y and z overall takes off taller and bigger than our stature. Unless you’re from northern hemisphere we’re generally below 6’6″.
One head taller in the crowd can be easily shot and easily found. Certain times certain things fix well but not other times. It’s said the “right time & situation makes a person hero.” I think a true hero fits in all the times. Have a full filling Monday buddies.

Ong Shuh Chien: Those who were born tall are definitely at an advantage as they at least looked imposing standing next to people of average heights. For the boys, being very tall is an advantage when playing basketball game. It’s a condition, I think, if you want to join as basketball player in a world famous elite team.
How I wished I could grow taller than I am now. 😔 But alas our heights are determined by the genes we inherited from our parents. I heard jumping helps too! I jumped up and down a lot too in my childhood to no avail! 🤣
As much as the short people who wished they could be taller, there are people, especially girls, who worry they are too tall and skinny during my time. Also tall girls cannot wear those chic- looking high heels. Vanity is your name, ladies! 😁
A cousin sister of mine was such example. Worried she might grow too tall during her teens, she used to unconsciously hunch her back. Now, a fully grown adult, she walked about with a slightly hunched back.
Being tall and slim is the in- thing for girls.They stand out elegantly among the crowd iro of their attire, sashaying in whatever footwear worn. How I envy them!
Nevertheless, heads will still turn when people see a couple walking past whose lady partner is much taller. I think men still prefer to have a partner shorter than them to appear manly and protective. 😂
In a charity organisation I join, the short members were addressed as the Cute Ones to go forward and stand in the front when queueing.
While we can’t have a say on our heights, at least is up to us to live a life we are happy with.
Happy morning, my friends. Another good day ahead! 😘


24 July 2018

AVOID CRITICISMS? HOW I WISH! If you don’t want to be criticised, I would advise you not to do anything. But then, you will be criticised for doing nothing. The fact of life is clear – the more we do, the more we open ourselves up for judgement and evaluation. I’ve friends and employees who’re always worried about what other people think of them. It becomes a deciding factor if they do or don’t do something. Like most human beings, I don’t like being criticised too, especially by armchair critics. But I’ve decided to take it in stride, sometimes with some genuine reflection on how to use criticism as a basis for improvement. It shouldn’t keep us living small lives and stop us from going out there and making an impact or doing what we want to do. We can’t avoid criticisms, justified of not, but we can learn to deal with them better.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Kimchoon: The opposite of motivation is not demotivation…it is criticism. There is also a difference between critique and criticism…between constructive and destructive criticism. It boils down to intention…to build or destroy…and most certain a reflection of ones instability and insecurity.

Jasmine Ang: Good morning and a bless day to all.
Whether you do or don’t you will definately be criticised. A simple example of cooking. We cooked according to the family likes, can or can’t eat. Unless we need to learn then it’s follow the resipe. If all are the same, there’s nothing to talk about or share.
Bringing up children. We raise them according to our can and can’t. Why don’t send oversea for study? Got money only can la.. Why treat the child different? They have different characters.
As for work, let the person doing the work alone instead of telling them how to do their work. Just tell them what, how and when you want it. If they say can but can’t then it’s their problem, blast them.
I hate those who sit there and criticise but they don’t even know how to go about it.
Criticisms is good only when we ask for their opinion for we want and can improve ourselves. Don’t forget they are not the only one in our lives. Others may not have the same taste and opinion, l have to adjust for all. You can’t please everyone so why do I bother with the criticism unless it gets out of hand, me, total shut down. If the info is of good use to me, it’s ok, fine. Life goes on.

Lawrence Lee: Armchair critics are the most annoying and distracting. Had tolerated couple of them for many years, until early this year at a gathering, I simply told them what I had achieved…which is impossible for them. and that shut them up. We can never please everyone, no matter what and how we do. Yes, even very sincerely to help others. So this year, I’ve made a decision not to take nonsense from these sort of people. They don’t learn but only criticize from their limited knowledge. Lots of these people around.


25 July 2018

Selected followers’ comments:

Poh Khee Yiong: The opening applause, sir, is a sign of respect for who you are, for what you have achieved and for welcoming you to motivate them. Am sure it did help with pumping up your presentation to a higher level then. Good day, sir.

Yeo Chow Boong: Good morning to all; applause when given and justified is most welcome. A booster for the recipient and also for those who sincerely applauded. But please not on false pretense and just for the sake of hearing the sounds of the clapping of hands.

Sally Soh: Hi clement hii, you r definitely different fr the previous politicians. I will for sure give you a thundering appaluse if i am there. Your sensible views, compassion n down to earth write up r indeed a gem.


27 July 2018

NO CLOSING OFF TO NEW PEOPLE: This smiley guy came over at an airport eatery, told me he’s a FB fan, wished me well and made an exit before I could start a conversation. Meeting strangers could be fun, if the interaction leads to an interesting chat and possible friendship. The people we meet at random might be a nice source of company for 10 or 15 minutes, while we’ve nothing better to do. The truth is, we’ll never know how those accidental meetings turn out. The person in front of you in the queue could be your best friend or wife. I met a future key employee in a movie theatre years back. Mama used to tell us kids not to talk to strangers. But as grown-ups, we’ll realise people are normally very friendly and willing to talk to us, if we make the 1st move. There’re no real strangers in this world, only friends we haven’t met or talked to yet.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jacky Chin: Morning Boss, to us old people, talking to people is very normal and polite, but to the new generation, they do too much hand phone and social Media, they do not know how to talk to people and they do not wish to talk to people, that makes them very uncomfortable. I definitely like to be your friend some day~ ^^


Such an impactful, spot on, taken almost instantaneously from afar which tells-all-picture, almost knowing its purpose before hand for this post, for when the handshake took place is a purely nothing but professional at work. Unless of course it’s staged where probability is lower. That would be a funny arrangement with the stranger if it was indeed so right? As for now, kudos to photographer sharp eyes.

ID Wee: Good day Tan Sri. I am still looking forward to meet you in person and there are two things I would like to do, to have a chat with you and of cos, a picture together with you. 😁 I saw you once before, when I was in Low Yat, and your car reached before I could do anything, but I know I will meet you again, I am from Sarawak btw. 😁


28 July 2018

Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Folks in West M’sia are enjoying the king of fruits at great discounts. Here in Kuching, a medium sized kampung durian costs RM30 as it is just the start of the durian season n heard there aren’t many this year. My favourite fruit.
” One man’s food is another man’s poison. ” Has seen how foreigners reacted to the pungent smell of durians.😂

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “The formidable thorny shell and terrible pungent smell could be intimidating to predators”
-Clement Hii
The pretty Ugliest and very hard to come by, but the inner flesh is awesome, were the sweetest victory in hand – either Fruits or dreams. Cheers another sweet gorgeous Saturday.

Ong Phaik Kim: I deep freeze the durian then takes them out one by one n ate them like frozen ice cream!

Yes durians are cheap, I have to buy because the Penang government caught all the monkeys at Botanical garden n throw behind the hills! There is nothing to eat so they come down the hill n attack all the young n unripe durians!

While the fruits bats goes after the rambutan! Only nangka grown in the middle of the shed available for our consumption!

Used to have a dog which loves all types of fruits especially cherries, mangoes n durian,,,,,, if laid down on the floor n read newspapers, must remember not to place the plate of fruits on the floor or she will finish all!


29 July 2018

MOVE ASIDE, DR M, MEET MY AUNTIE: My auntie Hii Ngiik Ting is a feisty and spirited woman at 96 years of age. The diminutive sister of my late dad is the oldest surviving member in an extended family not known for its longevity. Talking to her and seeing the vitality in her makes me feel that a long life is an attractive proposition. When people in their 80s and 90s, like 93-year-old Tun Dr Mahathir, look great and sound very alert, I would like to live that long too. I believe having an optimistic attitude plays a role in causing people to live a ripe age. An individual’s negative depiction of the aging process can turn out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. When we give up on ourselves, we obviously won’t take advantage of the methods to live a healthier and more productive life. I’m now paying more attention to the subject of aging as I see and feel signs of it in myself. Like it or not, the later part of our life is usually a vulnerable time.


Selected followers’ comments:

Regina Bridget: Old age and vulnerability is as thin as the skin of our teeth and as we age, we demand a sharp mind and mobility. Unlike machinery, our worn out parts cannot be replaced. All in hands of our maker.

Teresa Dian Chew: TS, am with you 100% on having the positivity mindset towards aging. Too many are giving up one themselves and thus the mindset goes with that same…

Jennifer Chan: To be so healthy at her age, she must have kept a healthy lifestyle when young. Just based on the junk and fast food we consume these days, I wonder how we’d age…