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Sometimes, those struggling to achieve their targets need a slight push. For example, some parents would promise their kids gifts if they achieve a certain targets in their examinations. In my organisations, we also have incentive schemes to encourage staff to achieve targets like sales.

Some may not agree with giving such incentives, as they feel that it is the responsibility of children to study hard, or for workers to give their best, as the latter are already drawing salaries. But based on experience, a little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Such “carrots” provides a much-needed psychological boost.

In life, we all need such encouragement, especially when the going gets tough. For example, kids may not be able to relate to “get into university and land a good job” as reason why they need to do well in their school examinations. Such delayed gratification concepts may be too abstract for them. They can, however, relate to incentives like gifts or scholarships

That’s the reason I hope my 16 years as patron of my alma mater SMK Sacred Heart in Sibu has helped to motivate the teachers and students to give their best.

Source: Borneo Post