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Style and fashion are two different things. You don’t need to put on expensive clothing to look stylish. Taken from my Facebook posting on 14 July 2017:

FASHION CHANGES, STYLE DOESN’T: If we look hard enough, there’s beauty in everything. What some people perceive as ugly, others might see the beautiful side of it. Women, and nowadays men too, spend fortunes on fashion to inject glamour into their lives. I mostly wear shirts with rolled-up sleeves & denim jeans for work or play and fortunately, no-one has told me off for a lack of dress sense. But I think what matters more is style. If you have style, you can look like a million bucks dressed in clothing that doesn’t need to cost much. You can buy fashion, but you can’t buy style. Fashion is ever-changing, but true style never dies.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jimmie Fox Goh: Only bosses n business owners can wear rolled up sleeves and jeans for work…for employees dont even think about it unless is Friday n also it depends which company n their rules

Alice YokYuen Wong: Good morning Tan Sri. Agree, fashion changes but style doesn’t.
Fashion changes due to commercial reasons. Designers and businesses in the apparel, shoes as well as bags industries call the shots on the changes in order to flourish their trades. How else can they grow if the fashion remains the same throughout. In the case of apparels, people won’t need to buy new clothing if they don’t feel out of place with an outdated design for instance like jeans. The loose comfy cuts of the 1960s had evolved into the bell bottoms of the 1980s and then to the straight cuts and then to the present days leg-hugging ones.
Even though trend changes, each of us has our own preference. We call it our signature style. Some prefers comfort and decency more than whatever fashion dictates. So no matter what, they will still choose an outfit in line with market trends but with their own likings (comfort and decency) first as final selection. That’s how the saying “to each his own” comes about. We may be “in” fashion but the look of decency and comfort will stand out somehow denoting our own signature styles!

Krizian Lim: True style never dies.

Some may dress simply and yet never fail to be a head-turner. You can see the aura shine from these people. I think, it is not so much about the fashion she or he wears, it is the confidence one has, and most of the time accompanied by their smiles.

“Dress how you want to be addressed.” My favorite fashion is : simple and nice. My favorite style is a combination of : being real, walking tall and a sincere smile.Then , we can shine like the whole world is smiling at us.


My other FB postings between 10 July 2017 and 16 July 2017:

10 July 2017

IT’S A WINNER-TAKE-ALL MENTALITY: Income inequality is said to have increased significantly in recent years, with the rich getting richer and the poor getting less of the economic pie. At the same time, we’ve getting into a winner-take-all mentality. I’m not just talking about the income gap between the wealthy & everyone else, but also the subtler (but real) gap in opportunity. As an edu-entrepreneur for many years, I’ve noticed how rich parents maneuver to get their children into the best institutions for high-end courses to get a leg up in their future careers. In business, those with unlimited funds can use money to make more money, so to speak. Creating an economy that doesn’t leave much space for the less accomplished or wealthy may be unhealthy in the long run. We won’t want to build a society that isn’t going to hold together.


Selected followers’ comments:

Desmond Chong My friend once told me, “It is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know, that matters.”
Opportunities are there, if you know the right people, who will bring you to the right place, at the right time.

YamHean Kong: Good morning Tan Sri, as an Edu-entrepreneur, You can lead the others in a holistic approach in selecting students. Give an opportunity to a well deserving student or maybe a few?
The ripple effects may be another one of your many legacies.

KK Aw: As TS has described, the current model is not sustainable. It is not only at the personal but also at community, organizational and international level. Economists use the Gini Coefficient to measure the dispersion of wealth and Malaysia, at 0.5 is the highest in Asia.
We need a more sustainable model so that we know what is important and focus on getting those issues correct. Otherwise, it will be business as usual


11 July 2017

THE WINDOW TO OUR EMOTIONS: I’ve been told I look too serious at times. People might find me very intense & unapproachable when I’m in deep thoughts or mildly irritated. I’m not sure if it has to do with my anatomy or moustache, but I know I can’t be walking around grinning all day for no reason. I guess our face is the window to our thoughts & emotions. We need to know how to express our feelings through our facial expressions. Employers, parents, teachers and cops, among others, should know how to show either a stern or warm face when the situation requires it. I feel even if our face conveys a natural seriousness, our actions should show that we can be a jovial & fun person as well.


Selected followers’ comments:

Chrissy Yuen Cici San: Why can’t we walk around with a grin for no reason?
I do that. No law states that walking around with a grin for no reason would project us as weird or mad, it’s human prejudice. I think it’s amusing to keep a face that no one can guess what you’re thinking, life should be lived in a fun manner despite what we do in life that may require all of our seriousness. 😃

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I guess our face is the window to our thoughts and emotions’
-Clement Hii
Definitely, we can’t know the thoughts and thinking minds of a person in front of us. But definitely, there is sign to look for basics information what we were thinking in our thoughts and the action, we had taken or going to take, judging from the physical body language, eye movement, our lips, arms and hand gesture. There were more to be learned, if we are expert in reading others, or our duties is investigator or interrogator. The CIA of USA, The MOSSAD of Israel or KGB of Soviet. There are expert in knowing your body language, our eyes from outside observation. Or did we realized in movie or real situation, the bodyguards of POTUS or CIA of USA, all the time wearing Black eye Glasses, they don’t want others to know their eye movement who they are looking into, others eyes and body language round them.

Hahaha, don’t comes near me, or else i can see through your eye, you are having secret love affairs or you have heat arguments with your spouse, hahaha just kidding.

Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Tuesday, humans behaviour is very interesting to explore, for fun nothing serious.

12 July 2017

WE’RE NOTHING WITHOUT HOPE: A friend is worried sick because his mum is in a coma after a stroke. An investor in a listed company whose stock went into a nosedive says he’ll lose his entire life earnings if the price doesn’t recover. For both of them, it’s their hope that has taken a big hit. Hope is our emotional engine – it grows inside of us and helps us to keep moving forward. As a newbie in business decades back, I held onto hope that better days were in sight when nothing seemed to go right. I didn’t let despair & hopelessness overcome me. Hope is so fragile & delicate, and sometimes, it’s all that we have. We can never let our hope wither and die, because without it, what can we hope to accomplish?


Selected followers’ comments:

YK Cheah: I have been reading your postings for quite some time and I am very much impressed by your perfect English. And every time I read them I try to search high and low for grammatical errors but so far I failed. Luckily for all my efforts I finally detected one today. That’s the fine result if you persist in your hope. But a slip of the hand is no fault of the mind. I wonder who can detect the tiny error? That’s my hope, hahaha……….

Beng Lin Lee: When close relatives suffer from bad health we pray and hope for their recovery. When they don’t recover we pray and hope their families will overcome their loss soon. When economy is not good, we pray and hope the axe of vss will not affect us. If it does we hope and pray we will get another job soon via job search and contacts. We have to stay ahead and be in control of the situation and life goes on.

Lee Lin Wang: Thank you for this timely message. Continue to do what is right, what needs to be done with hope. Stay in the present moment to do what needs to be done in that present moment, moment by moment, carrying us thru the passage of time on our life journey. And continue to stay grateful for everything in life. Life is a classroom. I aim to pass with distinction.


13 July 2017

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FAIR & EQUAL: It’s difficult to believe that it has been 10 years since this company-sponsored trip to Macau. Except for Stella Lau (white T-shirt) who has taken on a bigger position in another organisation, the rest captured in the photo are still working in my group. Out of the few thousands, the tenure of a good number of my employees has exceeded a decade or more. All bosses would want long-serving & inspired team members. But everyone’s management style differs, though treating all employees fairly should be a common corporate culture. But treating everyone fairly isn’t the same as treating them equally. It isn’t just about giving the same salary to everyone in the same position. This is where I feel many employers get hung up.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Cutting a cake into 10 slices of the same size to share among 10 people will be “equal”. Giving the hungry ones more and those who don’t like cakes less or none will be “fair”. The problem is we often equate “equal” with “fair” although the former is quantifiable, while the latter is subjective. Meanwhile, most of us just want to have the cake and eat it!

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, the best n ideal employees r those who r self-motivated, find great satisfaction n pride in their work. These r rare gems but a wise employer will easily recognise them n motivate them to their full potentials. The worse employers r those who relies on subordinates to do the appraisals without a hint of what’s going on. Good bosses r hands-on n not arm chair bosses.

Cherie Tan: Agreed that fair and equal is not the same things as not everyone will want the same things and able to do the same things. In an outstanding organisation, all employees should get equal opportunities to shine and that is equal. And that’s where equal treatment should begin to cease when outstanding employees begin to shine and stand out from the rest, and this is where fair should move in to replace equal.

“A wise man once said that there is no greater inequality than the equal treatment of unequal.” Unknown

“Fair isn’t everyone getting the same thing, fair is everyone getting what they need to be successful. ” Unknown


15 July 2017

A butterfly is not just a colourful insect. To me, it’s also a symbol of growth, because it starts off in a cocoon before it breaks out into something that’s beautiful. We all have to go through life’s challenges & limitations before we become clever & confident. You may be naive & awkward like a caterpillar now, but you’ll morph into an amazing & worldly creature soon enough, if only you put your heart into what you truly believe in.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Tan Sri, you look so childlike in this video. Real cute!
A butterfly is a real example of complete metamorphosis – from an inactive wrapped up cocoon, then to a crawly soft bodied caterpillar and finally to become the beautiful two winged six legs living being that it is. They are the only creation that go through such contrasting changes.
You said it all Tan Sri. As a foetus in our mother’s womb we are at the cocoon stage then as babies the caterpillar stage and finally as adults we had reached the butterfly stage where we soar to be sky.
Let’s believe in ourselves and strive to attain our dreams. The sky is the limit if only you set your mind and work towards what you want to become. Good morning everyone, have a blessed weekend.

Teh Lawrence: It’s a tough world out there. The playing fields are deliberately made uneven. Obstacles at first appear insurmountable. Yes, many birds want to eat the pupae. Yet one must persevere on to break through the cocoon to become a butterfly 🦋. The beauty to behold will come to those believe in the things to be done and in themselves.

Susan Quat: The is no short cut for the butterfly as if someone helps to break the cocoon instead of letting the natural process to take place the butterfly will not survive. Hardship is a good thing if we know sooner something good will bring forth. It might that be comfortable but it is necessary if we want to learn and be victorious.


16 July 2017

THE INTRUSION INTO OUR LIVES: I saw videos that went viral, of perverts caught doing inappropriate filming of ladies in their shower and the changing rooms of apparel stores. With recording devices getting smaller, peeping toms have gotten bolder. Already, the gov’t agencies & big businesses are poring over our personal details and traits, treating us like faceless items for “security” & marketing purposes. Our ladies now have to be wary of other types of unwanted intrusions. There’re many voyeurs out there who’ll take every chance to invade your privacy & your life.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: I always wonder how effective is our Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) when we all know that our personal information is freely and dangerously floating out there. Just look at the number of unrecognised calls, chat messages and spam emails we received from just anyone, not mentioning those who have become victims of scams because of leaked personal information.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

There’s no P&C,
Private & Confidential is gone,
Thanks to social media,
Interconnected without boundary;

There’s only P&C,
Press Conference is here and there,
Thanks to facial encyclopedia,
Interwoven without scenery;

The more we got publicised,
The greater we lose our privacy,
Confidentiality is about confidence,
As if being trusted within you and me;

There less we’re exposed,
The least we’re safe and secure,
Isolation is about an island,
As if being lost in mainstream;

There’s no right or wrong,
Never a balance is balanced,
We’re just part of big data,
For political and commercial reasons;

There’s only one word,
Transparency to carry our integrity,
We’re under sword of scrutiny,
Being monitored under limelight.

There’s only one kind,
Wisdom to separate wheat from chaff,
We’re intellectually mature enough,
Seeing through multidimensionality in totality.