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The HCK Foundation Home is close to my heart for various reasons. On a personal level, I come from a humble background and know what it’s like to have nothing.
I always envisioned for leading a better life than my parents did. Now, I feel obligated to help those deserving, knowing how much it would mean to them. This is how the Hiichiikok Foundation came about. I wanted the underprivileged, especially children to have the opportunity to lead a better life.




Providing a brighter future
The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care is set up to provide a shelter for troubled kids to have a conducive environment for holistic personal growth – not just in their studies but in every facets of their lives. We hope that children leave the Home a much better person, ready to take on the world, than they first stepped in.

As chairman of the Hiichiikok Foundation’s Executive Committee, I also paved the way for providing scholarships to those in need. We believe that education is the best way for one to break free from the cycle of poverty. No one should be denied of the opportunity to study on account of financial constraints.

A meaningful mile-stone 6th anniversary celebration

Last week, the Home marked its sixth anniversary, having been operational since March 10, 2014 when two siblings came into the Home off Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur. That date marked the start of the Home’s operations. It has not been smooth sailing, but it has since overcome its teething problems and grew into a fully functioning refuge for underprivileged kids.

The Home now houses about 17 children, aged between five and 16. As care providers, our top priority for the kids is their education, including creating a conducive physical, mental and emotional environment for them to learn. They are all enrolled in nearby government schools or kindergartens. It is only through education that they can break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.



Community of supportive volunteer network
We are truly appreciative of the many supportive and caring organisations and individuals to volunteered to provide extracurricular activities of the children. The kids are brought to outings, to broaden their worldview and ensure they receive a holistic growth. They also made a road trip to Port Dickson where they visited the Armed Forces Museum and an ostrich farm. All these were possible through the generosity of well-wishers and supporters.

Volunteers also conducted yoga classes, counselling and spent time reading with the kids. The children also visited an old folk’s home and took part in a charity bazaar to teach them about generosity and money management skills.


It truly “takes a village to raise a child” and I am very fortunate to have the altruistic and philanthropic efforts of so many individuals and social groups who have invested their valuable time, resources and talents to make a difference to the children lives at the Home.

The Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care has indeed come a long way since we started six years ago. The most satisfying part is knowing that we had just started our journey and there will be many more years to go, and many children’s lives to change.