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I love Penang for its food, its architecture and its vibrant atmosphere. This Pearl of the Orient is my favourite place to visit. Taken from my Facebook posting on 25 May 2017:

WE CAN NEVER GET LOST HERE: The island has such a vibrant mix of ancient & modern buildings, amazing choice of eating places and artistic pieces splashed across its urban walls. Penang’s also the state which gave me a Datukship back in 2007. Its Governor Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas who presented me the award then, was recently sworn in for his 7th term. Our SEGi university group has a campus there, having for decades played a big role in providing affordable education to Penangnites. I love the trendy place for its food, architecture & murals. We can never get lost in some cities, because they feel like home.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: Agree. Although I live in kl since 1976. Penang is still home. My family root sank deeply in penang soil for 167 years. it is our only home. No matter where we go. We end up going back to penang.

We are fiercely independent people n take no nonsense, not even from the federal government or local government. Neither do we take nonsense from shopping mall. Charge parking fee n tomorrow we will turn the mall into ghost town mall. You want my money you provide the facilities. You charge me n you will never see us again.

I suppose our roots from the ghee hin, hai san and kian teck Kong triad never really left us, the descendants of those triads members n leaders. Some who happens to be against ching dynasty n came over to penang to seek refuge. Fan ching fu Ming…. taiping revolution pushes more to settle in penang. That’s. Why we are no push over. Come n try n see what we dish out…

Tan Tee Kuan: As Penang Lang, it’s always proud to see my he state has grown and improved to its current state with so many tourist visiting Penang.
Even though I have been working in Lang Valley for many years, I wish one day I can enjoy my retirement years in this beautiful island and enjoy the slower pace lifestyle.

Rauha Nashongo: Im from Namibia, and for the first time I felt at home,far from home. The food,kind people,amazing weather,and how people actually live a “normal” life, i say normal because im from a small copper town. We actually greet each other,or atleast smile. People take walks,they walk up early as 6 and so the day goes. And people actually sleep. Not the city life,insomnia etc… “Normal but normally beautiful.”


My other FB postings between 22 May 2017 and 28 May 2017:

22 May 2017

THE PAST ISN’T OURS TO RECOVER: Although my lawsuit against Singapore surgeon Dr London Lucien Ooi who misdiagnosed and operated on me for pancreas cancer which I never had, didn’t succeed, I won many friends along the way. William Claxton (pic), co-founder of CNETS, Singapore, is one of the most unselfish individuals I’ve known. A neuroendocrine cancer patient himself, he tirelessly assists fellow sufferers in all ways possible & promotes better understanding of the rare disease. In a circular to his members, Bill commented on my case, which I quote here in part: “Clement Hii has done a great service for the cause of patient rights. At great personal expense he brought to trial a case that lasted for more than a year, and then appealed and endured another lengthy and expensive review. He was never out to win – certainly he never needed financial damages. He did it to make a point.” I can’t change what happened to me in the operating theatre or the courtroom, as the past is not ours to recover. But if we do the right thing now, the future has much to gain from our actions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: You have bring much awareness to people who follow your case the importance of going for second opinion when the first doctor recommend surgery as the first option immediately. Every awareness lesson brings to society often came at great personal expenses from the person who suffer from it e.g. people are more open and receptive to depresssion treatment after the death of Leslie Cheung and Robbin Williams.

“When you believe in something, fight for it. And when you see injustice, fight harder than you’ve ever fight before.” – Brad Meltzer

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” – Martin Luther King

Susan Quat: Sometimes it seems like we are standing alone and fighting a losing battle , but can we live with the regret later if we didn’t do the right thing now? Be hold and courageous and stay strong as we now it will be for the betterment of future .

Krizian Lim: “Do the right thing now , the future has much to gain from our action.”

There is no point to look at the past, it is over. There is no point to worry or speculate about what is coming in the future. Only today and now is what we have. The best way to recover from the past is to do something now in order to heal. The best way to overcome challenges in future is to equip ourselves with skills and mindset that is strong but flexible enough to flow like water. Water is soft enough to form any shape that it flows into yet tough enoigh to penetrate mountains and earth.This way, we can smile even in the most difficult times.


23 May 2017

VIEWS OF A NON-GOLFER: As a non-golfer, I find the game to be oddish. The rules are complicated & the hot sun isn’t very friendly at all. So I’ll make do with patronising the F&B outlets at golf clubs & checking out photos of VIP golfers. I mean, what’s the point of the game? You hit a small ball, walk after it, and do it again, over & over. I won’t even want to go into the funny attire, addiction & handicap. Golfers are going to roast me for saying this, but I can’t rationalise their strange behaviour. I guess the fun is in the peculiarities of the game – and its players.


Selected followers’ comments:

Hj Sophii Nawi: Tan Sri I have been with this game since 1978 and at the age of 69 I am still engrossed with it…days shined or rained…as like any other games you dont know how interesting it is until you hold the clubs…focusing..feeling the strokes and the putts…

Latha Ravindran: I am not game for it. Never been a sportsperson. I do abree about the sun Tan Sri! Most people evem people who play football for that matter dont mind the sun. Happy tuesday everyone.

Albert Leong Kok Chaw: It started as the game for rich & famous. This game need to play in a golf course with acres of green. I play badminton, basketball, football and enjoy pace walking but never have interest in golf. It is really strange game with huge investment by the club owner.


24 May 2017

TUGGING AT OUR HEART STRINGS: There’re many things that can make us an emotional wreak. Tear-inducing movies, music that evokes painful memories and heart-wrenching news: they can all stimulate strong feelings in us. Even crying children can get me all worked up. Sad stories, faces or situations of other people will tug at our heart strings and make us think about life and what it’s like to experience similar conditions. Only the ruthless & the heartless won’t have enough intact heart strings for people to pull.


Selected followers’ comments:

Sharon Chang: The ruthless and heartless are Takers and not Givers. They are void of any emotions. I would think that during their conception the ‘little’ emotional hormone went missing!!

Betty Bigai: That’s so true Tan Sri sad movies, sad incidence, sad stories and seeing others suffering make teary eyes to me also reminds me of all my loved ones that already passed on to the eternal homes….

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Only the ruthless and the heartless won’t have enough intact heart strings for people to pull”
-Clement Hii
Humans are means to have loving and compassion towards fellows humans. The same goes to the animals species, but we hardly understand their language. Yes, only those have demons and evil heart is ruthless and heartless, which is manipulated by Satan the Lucifer, for a period of time frame, allowed by the Creator for a good reason. Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Wednesday


26 May 2017

STAY AFLOAT & FIGHT ON: Many small businesses (and some big ones) are trying to stay afloat, due to the current downturn. My own entrepreneurial stints in those earlier years were a constant struggle for survival: it’s like powerful waves that kept coming hard at you and sweeping you further out. In trying times, I guess there’s no point in dwelling on what went wrong, but to focus on moving forward to find the solutions, however elusive they might be. We need to show up and fight on, even when life is far from perfect at the moment.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: For every Christopher Columbus or Admiral Zheng He who discovered new lands, hundreds, or maybe thousands, of seafarers did not make it…. their ships capsized by the mighty oceans or they themselves drowned in sea. Many don’t even have a footnote in history books. Only the best and bravest went on to write history. It’s survival of the fittest, whether in the seas or boardrooms. Congrats for making it this far, Tan Sri! There are still unchartered waters ahead (and possibly choppy seas).

Emil Lee: Good morning and a reflective day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my friends herein. Life is never easy it is a constant struggle for the majority of us. It is a rat race we all have to run whether we like it or not. We fall, we get up and move on again just like a child learning to walk. Life never promises us that it would be easy but it is worth a try. Our past is our experiences and capital for the present and the present is the frame work for a better tomorrow. Give yourself the best shot and in the end of the day you can say; I did it, my way.

Jennifer Chan: It goes without saying that you too have encountered failures before achieving what you have today, Tan Sri. I admire those who are self-made tycoons, and have gone through all types of tribulations to be what they are today. And you, sir, you choose to share your invaluable thoughts and experiences with us everyday , and this is priceless to many of us.


27 May 2017

NO KUNG FU FIGHTS, PLEASE: As a teenager, I was obsessed with kung fu movies. I even enrolled in a karate class but had to stop after my yellow belt, as my parents couldn't afford the fees. Later in life, I've seen that humans can endure the worst hardships without a peep, but could create a ruckus, with chops & kicks thrown in, over slight annoyances. Nothing gets solved when we fight in anger. I believe doing anything by force will likely result in regrets. We need not be martial arts expert to know how to take a deep breath, reflect for a while and then decide on the best way to handle a heated situation.

Posted by Clement Hii on 26hb Mei 2017

As a teenager, I was obsessed with kung fu movies. I even enrolled in a karate class but had to stop after my yellow belt, as my parents couldn’t afford the fees. Later in life, I’ve seen that humans can endure the worst hardships without a peep, but could create a ruckus, with chops & kicks thrown in, over slight annoyances.
Nothing gets solved when we fight in anger. I believe doing anything by force will likely result in regrets. We need not be martial arts expert to know how to take a deep breath, reflect for a while and then decide on the best way to handle a heated situation.

Selected followers’ comments:

Teh Lawrence: A greater part of the rakyat is restless. Fanned by senseless political statements and innuendos that their survival is under threats and eroded , the anger is simmering. Something ought to be done. Do what we must with peace and harmony as the fore front . It’s a lovely country. Preserve it.
To my Muslim FB fans and friends, selamat berpuasa.

Beng Lin Lee: We should not let politics, race and religious issues get out of hand in any heated discussion otherwise they may fan the flames of another major riot. Responsible leaders must know when to cool off and control their followers.

Evelyn Lai: In such situations, try counting backwards from 10 to 1, it does help to defuse the tension. Leave Kungfu fighting to the experts. Happy morning to all.


28 May 2017

LETTING GO OF RESENTMENT: A tycoon told me he couldn’t forgive his siblings for not giving him a helping hand during his struggling years. A friend said he never joined his class reunions because his classmates ridiculed him during his schooldays. These people can hold on to grudges for a long time. When I first joined the rat race in KL, every criticism or setback distressed me for days. Not anymore. (My legal suit against a Singapore surgeon for misdiagnosis wasn’t due to resentment, but to make a point). It makes no sense to cling on to pain, when there’s nothing we can do about the wrongs of yesterday.


Selected followers’ comments:

Su Kiang Heng: Very true. However, it takes a different level of maturity in order to be able to forgive. This so called different level of maturity can gain thru multiple disappointments or a heavy impact to life. End of the day, we just borrow our body to be in this planet to execute our responsibility then we will return to god. So do good and forgive the past! Move on and enjoy life…

Ong Phaik Kim: Forgive is easy but forget no. It reminds us to be careful. I too avoid troublemakers. This way I have peace of mind. I kick gossipers n avoid them including my sister. They bring nothing but trouble n pain. I still remember my sister call n said – mum say this n that about you. Put down phone. She call my mum. God know what she tell her. At the end I refuse to let her enter my house. (At that time my mum stay with me hust after her surgery) And it is already more than 10 years. Why should i let trouble makers into my life? They bring noyhing but cause people to quarrEls. The same goes to my uncle n his dauggter in law. So what if she is from rich family? A pain in the ass that i don’t need. .Talk song song while I get scolding. I don’t see the need to mix with toxic people. And recently I kick a fellow guide friend out of my life. I agree the action make trouble makers happy but gua Tak boleh tahan liao. If a person think i appreciate their call with complains he heard from others. Sorry la you are not friend enough to standby me why should I keep you at my side.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

There’s bitterness,
Hard to swallow,
Alone to chew it honey,
For sorrow to dictate more;

There’s indignation,
Hard to follow through,
Let alone to taste it sugary,
For wonder to define so;

There’s irritation,
Deep cut into heart,
Pain and gain in count,
For goodness yet to be found;

There’s resentment,
Blame one and another,
Fame and flame on ground,
For kindness yet to be profound;

No point to feel resentment,
Bitterness doesn’t taste sweet,
Letting go of resentment,
You lead the way out!