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Ideas are a dime a dozen. But even the best ideas serve no purpose unless it’s translated into an action plan. Taken from my Facebook posting on 3 Aug 2018:

IT’S ALL ABOUT GIVING BIRTH: I wrote before that I was always “bleeding” ideas. That wasn’t the whole point. Ideas are worthless and useless, unless and until something happens. Most people don’t take the initiative to make ideas a reality, due to a lack of courage, resources or time. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a million or billion-ringgit idea. Facebook, Uber or Alibaba weren’t worth anything until they saw the light of the day and the founders’ plans were systematically executed. Ideas have to evolve into something tangible or products, the sooner the better. I normally would substitute the word “idea” with something more meaningful as the implementation process begins. The initiatives become known as “roadmaps” or “actionable tasks”. Giving life to ideas is almost like giving birth to a baby (my apologies to the ladies for using this analogy). 😉 No-one will understand the pain and the dynamics more than the mothers-to-be, and more often than not, they’ll be in the labour room alone.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: It’s painful.
But, remember:
You are not alone;
It’s going to be over.
At the end of the day,
It’s all worth it!

Whatever you do, use all the energy that you have, and push harder! It’s not going to be easy, but you won’t know how good it feels to see the fruits of your labor. Happy Friday!

Jasmine Ang: Good afternoon everybody.
I’m not familiar in giving birth to ideas but I’m used to being asked by my boss on how to work out a better way to execute the work.
Childbirth? Ya, I have 3, all haemorrhage cases experience with breech, normal and caecerian birth being the last one which nearly took my life. 1st caecerian cut to deliver the baby, a breech one too and re-operated on the same cut to stop the non stop bleeding. I was awake then and can feel every cuts made and their talking. Delivered at private hospital and hubby have to go GH to get blood supply. My last thought, “Die! how is he going to handle the girls”. She’s 25 now. The suffering just hopping for a boy and yet l wonder why some ask don’t want to try for a boy? 3 birth! Can’t be trying for all girls isn’t 😓
I can only thank God for giving me healthy children.

Teh Lawrence: When Neil Armstrong first landed on the moon he said “ it’s a small step for a man one giant leap for mankind”.
Plans and ideas are like that . If they are locked up in the office nothing will happen. There must be the first step taken for anything else to materialise.
Another great caption from Tan Sri.
Have a great weekend Tan Sri and my beloved fb fans.


My other FB postings between 30 July 2018 and 5 Aug 2018

30 July 2018

THE DAY WHEN WE’LL BE REDUNDANT: We have become a human race too dependent on computers. In my early years, my peers and I were always outside getting fresh air and playing outdoor games. These days, kids are busy at their video games or surfing the internet. People are too dependent on computers for answers and virtual interactions with others. I guess the original purpose was to use PCs for learning, but those devices have practically taken over our lives. I confess that whenever I couldn’t figure out an answer to anything, I would quickly call on my great pal Mr Google instead of asking someone to assist. He’s the same source for some of the ideas for my FB postings. This attachment to computers is slowly taking away our own independent thinking – I know we should at least understand the problems or issues first. The softwares have taken over many parts of sophisticated jobs like accounting, law, architecture and God knows what else. In the end, would we be made redundant by our own machines?


Selected followers’ comments:

James H K Ooi: In today’s technology dependent life, we have both the computers and the internet. Both plays an important part of our life and will increasingly augment alot of things that we are manually doing. Think of self driving cars. It will be a part of our life in the near future. However the issue of computers or what you infer is most likely AI taking over every decision a human makes is near impossible. The debate of singularity is growing but it also allow us human to think carefully when designing AI. We should not fear advancement in technology, but embrace technology so that it may augment our life in a meaningful way. After all, no computer can have a soul.

Lee Lin Wang: My hubby and I just had this conversation about how our children generation is a lost generation. They no longer connect with real people, they connect with their handphones. I still love reading books cause it gives me pause and space to ponder upon things, which i think is important, especially in this day and age of ready answers, ready information and ready followers. I too depend on my handphone to function but i set out some rules to ensure it doesnt cut away my connection with real people. When i am with people, i never take my handphone out, i concentrate on them, us and our space. Might be a small act but nevertheless, seeing lesser and lesser people doing this. They are both with the people and their handphone waiting to reply messages. I hope thru my self commitment, i will never never develop this habit.

Jacky Chin: Morning Clement, there’s a trend in thought that, soon computers and robots will replace humans in the future. Yes, there will be some industries that will be changing very soon, but there will always be jobs available, and it is about the same numbers of job available, it is because the creation of jobs is based on the human society, the amount of money created from the available numbers of people, and the sharing of wealth and the exchange of services from human to human, that causes the economy to move. It is basically the need of human resources keeps things moving in the economy sector~ basically you know that very basic need to have a good employee then you make good money~ ^^


31 July 2018

SIGH, THESE MEETINGS ARE INEVITABLE: Certainly, a great many internal company meetings waste a great deal of many people’s time. But business discussions with outsiders like partners, vendors or investors are inevitable and necessary, as face-time allows for clear communication and effective decision making. That’s on the basis that decision makers are involved and the agenda and objectives are clear and measurable. With non-employees, I assume most ad-hoc meetings are held for practical and not historical reasons. Whenever lawyers, mine or the other party’s, are involved, my instructions are always for them to formalise, not participate in, the commercial decisions made. Legal minds (I’m a law graduate myself) will see problems, not solutions, in every issue or sentence. In a world of human reality, we’ve to admit face-to-face meetings still perform functions that can’t be taken over by memos, phone calls or emails. We still have a chance to showcase our boardroom brilliance.


Selected followers’ comments:

John Tan: Following up on yesterday’s topic, can business executives and bosses be replaced by robot business executives and robot bosses, making mega-decisions with their AI minds? Can countries or conglomerates be run with a push of a button, by a robotic hand, while most of the mornings and half of the afternoons, the President or the CEO spends his time out in the fairway, practising his approach shots? The speculation is interesting anyway!

Krizian Lim: “Legal minds will see problems not solutions.”

I dealt with lawyers often for either drafting of contracts or legal advices on company issues. I have been trained by my former superior to follow this principle when dealing with or selecting good lawyers “Do not tell me what I can’t do. Tell me how I can do it.”
Being employee ourselves, both my former superior and I, the last thing we want is to go against the law. However, we believe there’s always something we can do to formalise a legal intention in words. A good lawyer not only has to be very familiar with laws but must also be good in words.Not only that, an excellent lawyer must also be corporate-minded or business-minded, so that he can read or understand his client’s intention, and put it down into words.

Latha Ravindran: Face-to- face meetings are better as there is a better chance to avoud being misinterpreted and sensitive issues can be better dealt with. Most meetings are a waste of time when people go on lecture mode.


1 Aug 2018

IS THE CHASE FOR WEALTH WORTH IT? Someone emailed and asked me a direct question – why is getting rich so hard? He said he had been slogging away in the name of money, and now wondered whether it’s all worth it. My answer: yes and no. It’s not worth it as the money isn’t guaranteed, but the pain of trying to get it is. But if we wake up one day and realise there’s a bigger reason to be alive than just getting rich, then we might be able to find joy in the pursuit, not in the acquisition. We won’t want to be like dogs chasing cars, not knowing what to do with one even if we catch it. Billionaires like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates spent almost their entire lives amassing wealth only to later give it all away. I’ve founded, and am funding, a charity foundation, orphanage, education trust and NGO in a little quest to make a small difference. The reality is, it’s easier to make a difference if you have the means than a person with limited resources. Pursue wealth by all means, I feel, but keep in mind what the ultimate goal to fulfilment is.


Selected followers’ comments:

Agatha Tan: Chasing material wealth aimlessly is no no, I am sure it is worthwhile if it is for one’s life purpose. Yours may differ from mine. Leave our own legacy in our own little way. Yes fulfilment should be our ultimate goal.

Ong Shuh Chien: I tend to feel a bit irritated whenever a few stray dogs barked and chased after my car as I drove. I was afraid I might accidentally run over them.
But really WHY Dogs love to run and chase after postman or a passing car? To frighten away strangers? After all the god-sent duty for a dog is to faithfully guard and protect the house of its owner or so as the fable story I watched online about God setting terms and conditions as He assigned duties to commensurate the duration of life each animal and finally human supposed to have. It’s quite thought inspiring.
I opined regardless of the stage of life we human are in, we all need a purpose to strive on and progress to find our self-worth.
Of course when we put our wealth earned to good use, we can make a real difference to the lives of others, born less fortunate or privileged like what TSCH and other philanthropists such as Jacky Chan, Bill Gates, Vincent Tan etc who have contributed much to the society to help the poor and needy. They returned to the society what they earned (取之於社会,用之於社会). A noble act to emulate indeed.
However not everyone of us can be successful entrepreneur. Still we can make a difference in others’ lives through our own efforts by helping our friends and relatives or worked as volunteers in nonprofit organisations for good causes. It’s the immense feelings of happiness money cannot buy.
On my part I had helped take care of my sar ee (my late mum’s 3rd sister) with her married daughter as her brother had migrated overseas, married with family. So I decided to chip in and offered to take turns to keep her mum company in the day and sleeping at night in her private room in UMSC, to care for her when she hospitalised for stage 4 colon cancer. She finally passed on a few months later. It was in the course of caring her, we became closer as she shared with me her life story.
All my maternal relatives were astounded to see this aspect of my willingness to volunteer help they never knew. My late mum’s other elderly siblings tearfully hugged and thanked me, at the funeral, for being a great help to their late sister’s family. It was my first personal experience of confronting and staring at death on its face. 😥
Now I’ll drive from USJ to fetch my elderly cousin sister to Klinik Kesihatan, Shah Alam whenever she has medical appointments, to provide her transport, keep her company and drives her back. My this simple act allows her two sons not having to take turn applying for leaves to take their mother for hospital check-ups.
Other times I get myself involved in charitable work organised by NGOs where I am their volunteer.
So I feel I lead a fulfilling life even though I am not rich. Isn’t there a Chinese saying: Contribute money or efforts or both whichever suits you (有錢出錢,有力出力)?
It’s actually after my involvement in taking care of the sick like my dad, his brother, and my sar ee, I found I am more suited to be in the nursing profession. But alas I was destined to study and deal with cold cold figures instead! In the end I left this boring job of dealing with figures in the office daily the whole day and ended up with a teaching profession dealing with human. 🤣
The last thing any billionaire parents want is to end up with a grown child, like Jho Low, plundering their hard earned wealth away and, worst, always on the run trying to escape the long arms of the law.
Have a happy sunny day, my friends. 😁


2 Aug 2018

MONETISE THIS PLATFORM? OF COURSE NOT! A few marketing agencies from the US and Europe emailed me proposals on how to “jointly monetise” the audience reach on my Facebook Page. I only took notice when one agency referred to me as “a leading social media influencer.” I had to look up what it meant – and am still unsure if I fit the bill of “a user who has established credibility and has access to a large audience.” Influencers are said to be able to persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. I think that better describes my regular FB friends who say their candid piece on the varied topics I publish here each day. The offers say I’m to help brands market their products by posting their photos and videos here, and get paid USD300 to USD500 per post, 3 to 5 times a week. We’re here to build an interactional platform to share ideas and experiences, and we don’t need to deviate from that purpose.


Selected followers’ comments:

Priscilla Presley Tan: Your page is an inspiration for many people like me and others. It might impact many in terms of personal or work from all walks of life.

The best of all you do read, respond & interact with us. I mean I do get impressed.

Some of those pages like Joey Yap or Tony Fernandes do not respond eventhough they posted those inspiration posts to get people’s attention. Or probably responded by admin staffs.

Celebrities like them takes so much pride or ego to say “hi” and if they do answer, it means “you pay online & I’ll answer online”. Imagine that was not yet personally answered. 😂

Even a page with lots of advertisements became unpopular after some years of huge members in its page. I unfollowed a food page because of too many commercial ads. Today the page became stagnant with a few admin members posting.

I’m sure many friends here set criteria for your page as “see first”. 😊

Christine Muk Kim Lee: Good morning, Tan Sri ! I sincerely hope that you uphold the initiative of creating this valuable page and never involve it with advertisements which may bring you big fortunes but lose your admirable readers.❤️

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “We are here to build an interactional platform to share ideas and experiences, and we don’t need to deviate from the purpose”
-Clement Hii
Salute and respect you Sir, for doing that. In actual facts i personal many times not favour with digital ad. But many times, little choice but to skip such ad. The intersection with this page will be MEANINGLESS if you MONETISE it. Cheers, another sweet gorgeous Thursday


4 Aug 2018

BIGGER GROUPS EAT LONGER MEALS: I normally only spend a day or two when I’m back in Kuching or Sibu, so for those few mealtimes, I would want to try all my favourite local food. That’s when I would order many bowls of many types, and getting my companions to help to dig in. Most Foochows are known to have a soupy diet, as you can tell from this particular hometown meal with my family. I notice people often expand their palate when they eat in a group. We tend to extend our meal times and eat more. The larger a dining party, the more food each diner might also order. I remember as a kid, I would always try to grab a bigger food share at outings with classmates. Now, overindulgence seems to be part and parcel of social meals. Do you remember the dinners you enjoyed with friends, where you had eaten more than you could manage?


Selected followers’ comments:

A calm Saturday morning. The greeting of cloudy lighted grey sky and distance hazy mountains, the busy birds calling out from their favorite trees in the paths and the freshness morning air greeted with SMILE.
A great dinner in those past memories that almost every families dinning at their own village homes like a traditional motivated and close ties between brothers and sisters and families at least once a week at the elder’s residence.
It’s was a great joy especially those children who love to interact and game than food of eight large portions on each table.
But, this creates a kind of emptiness when most of those grandparents past away at present isolated generation.
The present generation, this weekly occasion seems no more. But, to my mind that is healthy culture to carry on than never. Together, we are strong prudential and food surely have great taste and functionality of many SMILE.

Patricia Cynthia Wong Wong: Good afternoon, Tan Sri Clement Hii and friends.
When I was young, I was like a bottomless pit…. I can eat every hour and food is digested..
But now, I just smell them and eat 90% less than what I used to eat.
But yet still cannot be skinny.
Oh well…

Leong Yew Meng: It is all in our blood. Eat, be merry & happy. Culture & customs are there for a purpose mainly good. Do not forget the “yam seng” even though it brings temporary fun, joy & happiness but not drink in excess. Life is meant to be enjoyed within our moral & spiritual boundaries. So be good to oneself & do good. Life will reward you accordingly. Mettā.


5 Aug 2018

BACK TO ETIQUETTE SCHOOL? There’re many things that inconsiderate people do in public that make us mad or drive us crazy, and the list is pretty long. Drivers fight over parking space, commuters elbow for seats on public transport, and customers cut queue. I was at an airport lounge when a foreigner pushed me aside and quickly took a seat he clearly saw I was going for. I had to accept that this abled bodied man needed it more than I do. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or walk out when someone once passed really loud gas in a small meeting. And I can’t stand the blasting music those youngsters play in public. They should get a cheap pair of headphones and spare us the ruckus. Of course we have to ask if we have or show good manners ourselves. It’s easy for us to watch rude people in action and assume the worst about them. How high or low do you rate on Good Manner’s meter?


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: It’s not so much about going back to etiquette school. It’s about thinking about others in what we do and say ie being less selfish. Our social habits evolve and formal and informal education can only do so much when it comes to telling us what to do and what no to do. At the end of the day, if we think of others’ interests and well-being, we don’t need any etiquette education to begin with.

Evelyn Lai: Good morning FB friends. We can start inculcating good manners by teaching children to say please and thank you and it will go a long way. As for adults let’s make courtesy a way of life. Have a nice, great Sunday friends.

Karen Lee: I think etiquette is greatly influenced by three main categories 1) in born personal character 2)the up bringing 3) the social environment. During my recent trip to Russia, I was surprised by the polite, soft spoken, well and orderly mannered Russian. If you hear people talking loudly in public, then they were the tourists. To me, social environment plays the greatest part in etiquette setting – if you are in Japan, you are a Japanese. when you are in Russia, you are a Russian. Then when you are in Malaysia, you are a Malaysian.