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One of the milestones of my corporate journey was to receive 3 honorary doctorate degrees conferred to me by 3 different globally recognised universities because of our team’s sterling academic track record and philanthropic scholarship history in the educational sphere. Taken from my Facebook posting on 15 Dec 2018.

A VALIDATION OF OUR WORK: Not all recognition is equal. I guess there’re two perspectives to it – it has to be meaningful to the awarding body as well as the recipient. I’m not talking about honorific titles, but the external recognition that’s tied to internal quantifiable goals. I consider the 3 honorary doctorate degrees given to me by UoS and UoW of UK and USQ of Australia over the years to be a great honour for my entire education group. These government-funded overseas institutions, whose values we also share, decided to give me the PhD and DBA awards presumably based on key metrics like the number of graduates we’ve produced (200,000) and scholarships for needy students we’ve given out (RM100 million) in the last decades in Malaysia, among others. We would like to think that the recognition by my foreign peers validates the work my team and I do in the education sphere as having made a difference.


Selected followers’ comments:

Susan Quat: Receiving not 1 but 3 honorary doctorate degrees goes to show that Tan Sri indeed deserved them congrats. The contribution and success of your education spheres proved the right decisions had been made over the years.

Latha Ravindran: Congratulations Tan Sri! The most important award that you have is that you have made a difference in the lives of these kids by giving them affordable education. That is all that matters.

Frankie David Chieng: You’re are honorific and horrific in getting your titles fit to your endeavor and good works. Have a good weekend everybody.


My other FB postings between 10 Dec 2018 and 16 Dec 2018:

11 Dec 2018

FLYING ALLOWS US TO DISCONNECT: I’ve been an Enrich Platinum cardholder for many years, but I’ve almost never used the membership benefits. It’s touted as a difficult card to get, because to qualify, a jetsetter has to travel 130,000 miles or 130 sectors for each calendar year. I didn’t realise I’ve been flying so much, and for a moment, I felt I should have trained to be a pilot or follow TS Tony Fernandes into the airline business. On a more serious note, I probably don’t dislike flying because that’s about the only time I could turn off the phone and log off Whatsapp, WeChat and online sites. It’s a chance to disconnect and chill out or sleep. Flying can also be fun because it takes us to places, just like a means to a great end. I think flights to our destinations are generally more pleasant than flights back home, because they give us that feeling of anticipation.


Selected followers’ comments:

Birtha Blasius: Wow! The stunning TS standing tall .You deserve to have that being an outstanding entrepreneur. Gorgeous morning TS and all.

Kpo Junnie: Flights to destination is exciting but I love the flight home. Home sweet home even though it is not as nice as the hotels. It got my scent ha ha ha

Keong Ng: Malaysia airlines always outdated.. It has wifi on board in singapore airlines.. Lol


12 Dec 2018

FICKLENESS ABOUT THEIR LIFE DIRECTIONS: Some people thrive on change. A willingness to change to me is an admirable quality in many areas, but not when it comes to their professional careers. I know of young employees who change jobs at the slightest whim or provocation. They can’t accept criticism or frank feedbacks and expect the organisation to change to fit their needs, not the other way round. So we have many millennials who’re probably in their 4th or 5th job just a few years after graduation. I’m not surprised there’re many employers who’re exasperated with the fickleness of young people entering the employment market. Of course, an employer-employee relationship cuts both ways. Salaried people have all the right to pursue only work that makes them happy. But I’m sure too much job hopping isn’t going to look good on a person’s resume.


Selected followers’ comments:

Desmond Chong: Young people are just not trained to stick with something that’s painful. The older generation were taught to endure hardship, whilst the younger generation were taught to escape/avoid hardship.

Sally Soh: Agreed with u totally clement hii. Too pampered n easy going these young generations nowadays.

Yap You Wai: “too much job hopping” makes a muddled career?


13 Dec 2018

THE SLOW WAIT FOR MY DOWNLOADS: It can be frustrating when there’s unstable internet connection. I often get cut off when making a call on the highway or in the middle of a video call. Malaysia’s broadband speed is comparatively slow and pricey. Finally, new communications minister Gobind Singh sees the disparities and wants the telcos, which have been making billions, to reduce prices and increase the speed. His predecessors must have been sleeping on the job. Our economy needs top-notch internet speed for e-commerce and digital start-ups to compete and grow. We’re a fraction of China’s tech capability. Our average download speed is reported to be only 22.56 Mpbs, compared to Singapore’s remarkable 180.57 and even Thailand’s 46.06. That’s quite pathetic. When overseas, I often find going online to do chores to be refreshingly a breeze. In business, speed is everything, and here, we’re still hindered by slow connections.


Selected followers’ comments:

Swee Tok Ho: Where technology is concerned slow and steady loses the race and becomes far, far behind. What a shame!

Ming Jay Lee: Our telco are making too much and we cannot do anything about it

Priscilla Presley Tan: I’m subscribed to 4g but celcom asked to switch network to 3g if no 4g line at times.


14 Dec 2018

LONG HOLIDAYS, BUT DON’T SEE RED: Next year, I’m told there’ll be a record 12 “long weekends.” That’s cheerful news for employees but I’m not sure if bosses are jumping with joy too, as there could be too many disruptions to their operations and possibly revenue. Already, December is a month peppered with festive seasons, and most of my key managers are often away from the office to clear their leave, which means I’ve to be around to make some of their decisions for them. I would prefer that employees plan their holidays well in advance, so we’ll know who is and isn’t on duty, and plan the entire year around that schedule. We can’t avoid unplanned off-days to deal with emergencies. But I’m often wary of staff who somehow get sick (diarrhoea is an oft-quoted illness) just days before or after a long weekend. I think business owners don’t have to see red during the holidays as long as they manage their staff right.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: Getting diarrhoea or stomach ache before or after holidays is a real whopper. Maybe your staff ate too much good food.

Kimhoe Tan: Some companies ask their staffs to submit their planned leaves for the whole year .

Shaun Khee: Business make huge profits as well. Don’t forget that!


16 Dec 2018

LOSING THEIR COOL IN A COOL PLACE: Founding PM of Singapore, the late Lee Kuan Yew was right about the air-conditioner being the greatest invention of the last century. I can’t imagine living in a tropical country like Malaysia with its hot and humid weather without the air-conditioner. What I don’t like is the sight of ugly condensers donning the walls of otherwise nice structures. For all my buildings, I make sure they’re well hidden in corners or flat rooftops. Clever as we humans are, we still can’t control the weather outside – that’s why climate change is a big topic nowadays. But inside, we can make the room warmer or cooler, wetter or drier. I grew up in the days when we couldn’t afford air-conditioning, so I know what it was like to be really hot. The one unfortunate thing about our air-conditioned nation is that we’ve many leaders and politicians who can easily and publicly lose their cool.


Selected followers’ comments:

Low Keng Lok: When one loses his/her cool don’t blame the temperature.

Doris Wong: Are we in the tropics more hot headed than our contemparies in cooler countries? I like to think we are warmly cordial, no?

London Irene: It’s 6’C outside, natural air-conditioning …..but I do miss the heat.