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Recently, the HCK Group was voted the “Most Inspiring Developer” at the Prestigious Developer Award by Property Insight. When one focuses on quality, the recognition will come. Taken from my Facebook posting on 5 June 2018:

BUILDING A BUSINESS THAT INSPIRES: We’ve been around for only 3 years, but the HCK Group has been voted the “Most Inspiring New Developer” at the recent Prestigious Developer Awards organised by Property Insight. An elated HCK team led by Deputy MD, Ong Chou Wen received the accolade from newly-minted housing minister YB Zuraida Kamaruddin. Our property arm obviously stands out by being the top creator of education cities across Malaysia. I assume we’ve been viewed as “most inspiring” because we’ve made our developments distinctive by adopting the “shop, stay & study” concept. Our ongoing and upcoming projects, with a gross market value of about RM9 billion, should keep us very busy for the next 5 years. All previous phases have been sold out, as our overall packages are based on long-term sustainability rather than short-term expediency. For a business to “inspire” others, I think it’s not just what we do but how we do what we do that counts.


Selected followers’ comments:

A beautiful Tuesday, the colourful dawn in the morning melodies of birds filling the green rejoicing the freshness of morning air and the busy routine of traffic rushing out from their homes. A blessed day and SMILE.
Congratulations to you and your achievement of HCK that voted the Most Inspiring New Developer and having standing out at the top. This is creativity on long term vision surely inspiring successes that attracted investors for their future and direction of much greener. A Happy Day and SMILE.

Evelyn Lai: Good morning FB friends. Congratulations TS, HCK group will soar like an eagle in new Malaysia. Syabas 👏.

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “I think it’s not just what we do but how we do what we do that counts”
-Clement Hii
Yes, “How we do” with honesty, integrity and truthful that counts. It’s a common invisible; Crime and dishonest were in businesses and entrepreneurships. Cheers, another sweet gorgeous Tuesday


My other FB postings between 4 June 2018 and 10 June 2018

4 June 2018

T MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING: He’s a lifelong learner, and as an educator, he couldn’t be a better role model in a business that helps people learn and perform. Harvard alumnus Tan Sri R Palan, at age 61, recently added another PhD to his resume, this time from Federation University of Australia. In the same month of May, his sons also graduated from Imperial, UK and Berkeley, USA. TS Palan, who heads listed companies SMRT and Minda Global, says studying keeps him “active and relevant.” I can’t agree more with my fellow eduprenuer. If there’s such a thing as The Force in our lives, it’s learning. My work pressure doesn’t seem nearly as harsh because I know there’s something to read and learn at the end of the day. With everything under the sun constantly changing, it’ll be hard to stay on top of our game if we don’t devote ourselves to, like TS Palan, a lifetime of learning. If we take time off, the competition might pass us by, and it’s a risk we would not want to take.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: Lifelong learning is the way to go especially for those who have no alternative but to embrace lifelong working (working till way past retirement age).

Our PM has set a new benchmark on retirement age and ageing. He has made those who used to complain of being old at 70 or used that as an excuse to slow down, to feel young and rejuvenated again.

Jasmine Ang: Good morning TS and all.
Everyday we wake up is a learning day, be it on education or daily life. Sometime new ideas or problems crop up we have to learn to deal with it at home. In the office we learn to deal different scope of work, ideas or problems too. Though reading and writing we learn to improve our knowledge thus improve ourselves.
Learning is a never ending process till the end of our life and wisdom comes with age and experiences.

Christine Muk Kim Lee: Education is a luxury for poor income middle-aged group since most of them have heavy commitment to raise the family. It becomes a dream to most people.😊
Here I refer education as a formal learning in schools, colleges or universities of higher education. Of course when we are still alive, we never stop learning (informal education). We learn through reading books, daily life experience and Internet or e-info.👍


6 June 2018

A BUSINESS CASE FOR JEANS: We were at the AGM of HCK Capital Group Berhad last week, and the board members were posing with our annual reports. Someone then commented that I stood out – because of my jeans. My co-directors were as usual dressed handsomely in their formal suits. I guess in a business environment, western suits are an uniform of sorts, requiring little mental exertion beyond choosing the right tie to match. It has become a habit for me to dress casually and loosen up, in or outside the office and even in official functions. It’s like I’m always trying to present a business case for denim. Since everyone is living with digital frequency, I wonder if jeans-in-the-office could one day become a default setting. My companies have their Casual Fridays, but I’m not bold enough to declare an all-week-free-for-all dress code yet. I’m probably still the only one who don’t dress up or down as my diary dictates.


Selected followers’ comments:

Wong Choon Lan: Happy morning Tan Sri Clement. You always stand out in whatever you do, regardless of your dressing or in your business. Your HCK group stands out by being the top creater of education cities across Malaysia with the great ” shop, stay n study ” concept which won you the ” Most Inspiring new developer” accolade. This proved that you can always create something new, so why not be the first boss to allow your staff to wear jeans in the office n made it default settings. I think your staff will love you more by doing that! As long as the staff performed well, why bother what attire they put on but of course must have a limit, not overdo it! Nothing is impossible, for the word “impossible” itself when separated is ” I am possible!” Anyway, you are the boss, you have the power to say or change anything you like. Ponder over it Tan Sri! Cheers to a wonderful n beautiful day Tan Sri n dear all! 🤔😉😃

Tay Cheow Hwang:

You present a case here,
It’s more than a business case,
You’ve your style,
It’s about your outlook;

You represent a business,
It’s of your ownership,
You’ve your case,
It’s more than a face;

You’ve your freedom,
Less than being dictated,
By form and norm,
Against usual formality;

You set the trend,
Yet to let others to pursue,
Setting new form,
For new norm to be known.

Latha Ravindran: You made it up by wearing a jacket. Whoever dictates fashion as long as we look presentable it should not matter. At the end of the day what matters is the mandate has been carried out. Its time to stop aping others and set our own sense of style.


7 June 2018

IT ISN’T A FAIR WORLD OUT THERE: He was one of my earliest acquaintances when I first came to KL. He’s still working in the same company when we first met, and to him, nothing has changed except his age. Over a cuppa, he compared our current situations after 15 years, and gave me a common line: “Life isn’t fair.” We all know that life isn’t fair, but openly saying that could suggest you think life is meant to be fair, which could make you look naive. If life is fair, all those who work hard or are good persons should have everything. The truth is, it’s about playing by different rules. It’s a tough competition in whatever we do. We’re always trying to run faster, work harder, get more Facebook Likes or make more money. I think the idea of fairness is based on self-interest – most people think society should work the way they see it. The reality is different – you’ve tried your best, yet you fail exams, don’t get promoted or lose the love of your life. No, life isn’t fair. If you think it’s a just world out there, it’s just your wishful thinking.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: When we always think that life isn’t fair it’s going to make us feel unhappy. Forget about fairness but accept it that everyone’s life is different because the paths we chose at every crossroad is our own. We put in our best efforts (or so we think) but so does everyone else! So never compare with another. The grass is always greener on the other side. Don’t envy another’s affluence for we don’t know what heartaches he might have encountered along his journey.
Good morning friends, if you had done your best, have food on the table, a roof over your head and free from health issues, you are already blessed. It’s never a fair world outside but acceptance of what we are and what we have is the key to contentment. And only with Contentment can we be happy. I always believe in destiny. So Que Sera Sera….. for Whatever Will Be Will Be. I am happy.

Teh Lawrence: As much as we question what is fake we also what is fair? Is it money, health , wisdom etc? Agree with Raveen that the place you water seems greener than that’s not watered. Have we made the most of the opportunities and resources endowed on us?
But never despair. Fairness is subjective. Just make the most of it.

Jasmine Ang: Bless morning TS and everybody.
Life is not fair and how are we to define it as fair. Some don’t work have everything and those working so hard got nothing much. We envy, we wish but just stop there cause it will waylaid us to cause harm to ourself and may hurt others in the process.
We get what we work for and be contented if the return may not be as profitable as we wish. Accept it, built our healthy fair world in our mind first and be glad if we still see tomorrow.


8 June 2018

KEEPING TABS ON OUR SENIORS: Datuk Idris Abdullah was one year my senior in secondary school in Sibu – he was the debating champion, high scorer in exams, music performer at school concerts and all that I couldn’t be. Called Das Murthy before his conversion, he was kind of a hero to me. My childhood idols also included the late film star Bruce Lee, and they were the reasons I got through my struggling teenage years. Growing up, we were wired to believe that we needed role models to provide us with directions. As an adult, Datuk Idris didn’t disappoint, going on to be a prominent lawyer and corporate player. He’s a director of listed mega companies like Malakoff Corp, DRB-HICOM, NCB Holdings and Pos Malaysia. Recently, at our 1st dinner together since we left school decades ago, he told me he too had been following news of my corporate journey over the years. I guess we all grow older and eventually find our own place in the world. But talking to an old friend like Datuk Idris makes me realise how much our lives have changed since those early days.


Selected followers’ comments:

Emil Lee: Good morning and a beautiful day to you Tan Sri Clement and also to all my forum mates herein. In my opinion as we mellow we are looking forward to catch up with our childhood friends, classmates even our long lost relatives.The analogy that there is no place like home rings a bell here and I believe that, that home is where the heart is.

Gee Jakee: Das Murthy and I were in the drama where he play the part of the pirate, Long John Silver.. We lost to Methodist Secondary School who turn champion. Das married a daughter of the late Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub and that’s when his fame and fortune shoot up ! 😊

Idris Abdullah: Tan Sri. You are being grossly unfair to yourself. You always had a flair and skill all of your own and coupled with your determination and persistence you have achieved more than most of your contemporaries. You never needed a hero or role model.


9 June 2018

A CLEAR SIGNAL TO FAIL: If there are three words which upset me the most, it’s hearing my team members saying “I will try.” In this fast moving and competitive era, we still have characters in the workplace who use that phrase liberally. To me, it’s like giving themselves permission to fail. No matter what happens, they can always claim they’ve “tried.” I mean, there’s a “yes” and a “no.” I don’t really believe there’s anywhere in-between. The promise to “try” is also rather deceptive, to the persons saying it and those hearing it. I just told a senior employee who said he would “try” to meet his KPIs that I was darn sure he won’t. People who say “yes” might not succeed but at least I’m assured they would do their best. I’m certain most business leaders won’t place high hopes on the “I’ll trys.” It’s either a “yes” or we’ll have to get someone else to do the job.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jennifer Chan: Tan Sri, I do not quite agree with you on this. At work, I see many bosses fall for empty promises by colleagues who know how to do their song and dance to hoodwink their superiors. They can’t work but if you ask them can u walk on water, they ask you walk for how far. When the staff failed to deliver on their promises, they blame everyone but themselves.

MarknJo Ang: Could it be many a time when we say ‘I’ll try ‘ there is this feeling ‘I’m afraid I’ll not be able to achieve that task but I’ll try anyway with the hope I achieve the result. On the other end if I were to say ‘yes I’ll get it done, but the effort does not produce the desired result. Will I be judged ? On the other hand, there will be some who, for some reason or other may feel it’s not achievable so just give a half hearted reply. It’s only when one is convinced that he/she will give a definite ‘yes’

Vallerie Jane: T I remembered saying I will do my best during school time. I avoid saying yes because of my lack of confidence. I’m not sure what exactly my teachers’ thought about hearing me saying that phrase at that time but what I perceive when hearing people saying the same phrase today delight me rather than hearing the phrase I will try. I’m not sure whether people who said I will try is thinking that they will do their best or just saying to please the listener with a thought that they just don’t want to do what the listener expect from them. My thought about this is, it is better to double check to avoid assumption.


10 June 2018

CONFRONTING THE BREAKFAST THEORY: I wasn’t a breakfast person, preferring to skip this morning meal, until a few years back. Then I had to take my daily medication and couldn’t do it on an empty stomach. Breakfast normally consists of some simple bread items, like the one I was having with my good buddy Dato’ John Hii. It’s said breakfast is important because our body has been hibernating all night and is desperate for food to refuel. I don’t really buy that theory, of course. For the decades that I bypassed breakfast and ate only two meals a day, there hadn’t been any adverse consequences. Like all things in life, not all breakfasts are created equal. I think the health effects depend on the types of food we consume in any meal. Sugary cereals or roti canai aren’t exactly healthy diets. Some people say breakfast gives them better energy and the caffeine improves their mood for the day. One FB friend says reading my postings with his breakfast helps with his digestion. 😅 Most of us could do with eating less, and since breakfast is the easiest meal to skip, maybe this could be the opportunity to lose some weight?


Selected followers’ comments:

Peter Wong: Good Sunday to everyone. Like TS, I seldom take breakfast for the last 40 years ..only kopi susu in the office.. One of the main reasons I skipped breakfast as I don’t want my dear wife to wake up so early to prepare for me. Now as a retired 6 series, I take breakfast seriously.. and heavy, often noodle with another mixed fish soup or laksa, two half boiled egg n of course kopi Kau.

Frankie David Chieng: Eat like a King for breakfast. For me half bowl of boiled raw oat in mamite, 2 soft boiled eggs, a banana and a cup of coffee make my favorite breakfast. Ocassionally go for a bowl of kolo or kampua. A kueh chap or a laska is more prefred if eat out. Happy Sunday buddies. Today a bowl of fish congee and a cup of black coffee is my breakfast.

Patricia Cynthia Wong Wong: Good evening, Tan Sri Clement Hii.
When I am working in the shop, my 1st meal of the day is lunch time.
For my breakfast, it’s 1 liter of water. Then from 8.30am to 11.30am, I take a drink of amino acids that successfully reduce my blood pressure 50 points and cut my high blood pressure tablets by 75%.
I believe in fasting as part of detox. And sugar is like a big sin to me… ha ha ha.
I cut carbo by 90%