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The Hiichiikok Foundation has been looking after many underprivileged children for a good number of years now. But there is only so much we can do. Taken from my FB posting on 2 October 2016:


HELP THESE KIDS BREAK CYCLE OF POVERTY & CRIME: Underprivileged children grow up amid poverty, violence and illness. They see their parents or guardians suffering the effects of drug abuse, prison, unemployment or spousal abuse. These were the backgrounds of the children when they first stepped into the children home run by my charity arm, Hiichiikok Foundation. My capable manager Diana Ooi treats the kids as her own, and she and her team are doing the whole works to ensure the children have a normal childhood. But there’s only so much individuals like Diana and myself can do. (My group’s CSR efforts also include free tuition programs and millions $ worth of scholarships yearly for the needy). The authorities need to come up with a national masterplan to provide underprivileged children a better chance to develop positive behaviours. It is key to prevent youth crime and violence. I see traits in these kids which are warning signs that they would veer into a lawless track in their adulthood if they were to grow up in an adverse environment. We need to do more to ensure that the our adolescents are on a healthy path to productive adult lives.


Selected followers’ comments:

KK Aw: At the rate this is going, these displaced children will be an endless problem. This is a societal problem, and the community and government must take responsibilities. It is good for people like Tan Sri to provide help, but this is not sustainable. The welfare department does provide children homes, but they are riddled with problems. Molest, rape and child abuse are rampant. There are just too many children and there are many bad hats among the helpers.

Kenneth Fernandez: Diana Ooi is a beacon of light in this institution. Can’t help quoting this .
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase- Martin Luther King. Inspired by you, to return to society that we have gained from, I only hope we will triumphant in the battles ahead and people can be touched by the little angels in your care . We can’t make Malaysia change the way wish it , but we can take charge as we are now, responding to your clarion call to bring change no matter how small it is . Hiichiicock foundation is doing some exemplary works . To level the playing fields is not a easy task but I am fully committed in my role however small it is in this great quest . Keep up the great work. “My sword is your sword”,I will do everything I can in your service and in your banner . In service, I hope to find myself !


My other FB postings between 26 Sept 2016 and 2 Oct 2016:


26 Sept 2016


WHEN REMEMBERING JOY CAN BE SORROWFUL: Each time I pass by rural houses like this, I feel a sense of nostalgia for my early childhood spent at Engkilo Village near Sibu. Our big family lived in a similar wooden structure, among the rubber trees. I guess we mostly have fond memories of our childhood. It gives us a familiarity which we find to be very comforting. Those early years can be the best part of our lives. Small children find joy in the small things: I spent hours catching fireflies, splashing in the river or climbing trees. When we grow up, all this changes dramatically, and things are just not the same anymore. We miss the way we took pleasure in little routines even as bigger things were happening around us. Some of us tend to reminisce a lot, and wish all the problems and stress of adulthood, work or business would just go away. When you’re down or miserable, there’s no greater sorrow than to recall happy days or occasions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: Tan Sri, you have never forgotten your roots no matter how far you have gone in life. That is humility. Humility is the virtue that will keep you achieving what you have set out to achieve. Have a good week ahead.

Samuel Ng Boon Lee: TS, I used to live in a partial wooden structure too in my Childhood. It is surrounded by huge gardens with 6 fish ponds, and many fruits such as kedondong, papaya, starfruits, durian, rambutan, etc for harvesting and sale. I am now in my mid twenties working in Singapore for a bigger dreams and ambitions. But the fond memories of Home are always close to heart.

Stephen Cheng: Tan Sri….despite all your success…you have not forgotten your roots…the hardship you had to endure…you are truly an inspirations to all….unique qualities…


27 Sept 2016


Contrary to what this video shows, I’ve never brandished a sword before, though I’m a great fan of sword-fighting movies. In business, we don’t use weapons to settle scores or demolish rivals: we draw on our brainpower and creativity.
There’re exceptions: a Dato’ from Miri is on the run as a suspect in the gunning down of an activist. There’ve been many past instances of violence due to business disputes.
Then there’re the killings of innocent victims by criminals, and the criminals themselves by the authorities. 3 robbers who burgled one of my residences were later killed in a shootout with police. If you use violent or forceful methods against other people, you can expect the same methods to be used against you one day.
I do believe for every action, there’s a reaction: it’s the cause and effect theory. What’s hidden will be revealed, a beginning will have an end, and if you live by the sword, you’ll die by the sword. It’s true, what goes around comes around.

Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew KH Hoo: If we need violence to enforce our ideas, then our ideas are worthless. We don’t need to be super religious to have morals. If we can’t determine right from wrong then we lack empathy and common sense. Our brain is the most powerful weapon in our entire body. For good or for bad it can both be a blessing or a curse whichever way we direct it. Let there be more love & peace in our lives.

Jacqueline Tan: The pen (keyboard) is mightier than the sword. You have shown your prowess in your daily FB postings. I think we should call u a “typewriter”, short for tycoon and writer :p

Raveendran Subramaniam: Tan Sri, in my belief system which i gather is borne out of our cultural believes (notice i did not say religion for good reasons), we call it Karma. And as others say, As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Its been ordained since time immemorial, yet many go about nonchalantly until it is too late.And then they weep when the long arms of the law eventually catches up. But even then, wait till judgement day. Nothing passes through unscatched. Just another way of saying exactly what you have said Tan Sri. Continue sharing your thoughts please.


28 Sept 2016


THE STORM WILL PASS: We’re not in the best of times, so life in general has become more challenging. But I don’t think there’s a need to the press the panic button when the economy slows down, the costs of livng and the unemployment rate go up. These are macro-economic issues which are beyond our control. If we are dwelling too much on things which we can’t as individuals change, we might miss the opportunities to act on the things within our control. I believe it helps to stay calm and maintain a clear mind. Our brain works the same way as an office room. If it’s too cluttered with furniture or files, it’ll be difficult to get around, and we’ll be less efficient. Sometimes, we need to get creative when it comes to boosting our mood. But learning to stay cool and collected might be the best way to stave off stressful emotion. Like they say, stop trying to calm the storm because we won’t succeed. We should stay calm ourselves and wait for the storm to pass.


Selected followers’ comments:

Michael Liew: We have weathered several slow economy for the past 30years (at least i have seen). There always the brightest and successful businesses that phoenix out of it. AirAsia spurs from nothingness. Company I’m working with innovated menu and business model that triumph over failuring market. We cant control the macro economy, but we sure can manage our micro businesses market.

Dennis Ting: Yes Tan Sri, l would rather stay calm and read your FB posts! Reading all the doom and gloom news be it on FB or other media can make one’s heart sink with a sense of hopelessness. We need leaders with positive outlook to guide us out of the doldrums in this time of economic uncertainty!

Roland King: Been reading your posts. Really feel you should take a leadership role in developing the nation. Not just in business. And not necessarily politically either. You are an inspiration Tan Sri. 😊


29 Sept 2016


THEY WANT A FEAST, NOT BREAD: When it comes to food, there’re times when there’s great pleasure in going back to basic. That’s when I would drop by a nearby bakery and order some bread for a simple breakfast or lunch. There is this occasional feeling that nothing beats the smell of a loaf of freshly baked bread. It’s something so original, so pure and yet very filling. In reality, of course man doesn’t live by bread alone. He must have peanut butter, silver plates and golden knives, if possible. Bread can be fundamentally satisfying, but I think most entrepreneurs won’t settle for anything less than a feast. The business sector is like a bottomless pit in which there’re endless efforts to satisfy individual hunger but it’s obvious few ever reach real fullness or full satisfaction.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: Totally agreed with going back to basic. There are times when i am longing for simple porridge with pickled lettuce. Just one can of pickled lettuce and i can eat for lunch and dinner 😃as for bread, i love croissant. Simple and heavenly when it is baked right. In times of life crisis, whether is wild fire or smoldering stress, the first thing i do is go back to basics.. am i eating right, am i getting enough sleep, am i getting enough physical and mental exercise everyday? -Quote by Edward Albert

Linda Cheung: Humble man eat humble bread. Leaving the others to eat humble pie. Haha!

Andrew KH Hoo: “The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley (1945-1981) I guess that’s is your passion TSHCK, as by your blog alone you have had touched and inspired many to dream. Positive people can do great thing as they plan each step and execute it well. They also have negative thoughts but they won’t let those thoughts control them. Yes, bread alone for the high flyers are insufficient as their dreams are much more complex. Every level of life is a challenge and will demand a different version of us as to how we overcome it whether in business or personal life. Let’s learn from yesterday, Live for today and Hope for a better tomorrow despite all the bad news on our current economy.


30 Sept 2016


IT’S A TWO-WAY TRAFFIC; Among certain associates, I don’t get to talk a lot. We all know of people who think everything they say is as fascinating to everyone else as it is to them. One guy asked me the other day how business was, then started to rant on and on about American economic policies, a subject I’m unfamiliar with. People who talk too much have great difficulty listening to others or to themselves. They obviously don’t understand that communication and connecting with other people are a two-way traffic. And when you are not connected with the person you are conversing with, I doubt you can recognise his different moods and responses. I can tolerate, for a while, people who talk sense incessantly but I can’t suffer fools gladly – the non-stop talkers who spurt loads of nonsense. Engaging in an ideal conversation will mean getting into an interactive rhythm. It’s about mutual respect and caring for each other’s feelings.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: I usually will observe the body language of people i talked with.. if somehow i sense they are bored/uninterested, i will change the subjects. As i know i am talkative, I am also doing my best to practise 60:40 or 40:60 ratio when in a conversation with others 😄 Dalai Lama quoted, “When you talk, you only repeat what you know; but when you listen, you learn something new.”

Esther Hii: Tan Sri, you have a point that communication is a two way traffic. However, this does not always reflect in organization whereby subordinates hardly had chance to express their feelings and their ideas to their superior. I understand that a little need of obedience and instructions following are needed, but sometimes it’s also good to listen to your subordinates as they gives you a very different view and perspective. Subordinates are subordinates not because they are anything less better than the superior. Superiors are superiors not because they are anything better than the subordinates. We can both learn from each other.

Nancy Liew: It can get pretty boring and annoying when someone rants on and on without bothering to observe the reaction of others. How many times have we encounter such characters in our lives and wish we can change channel or they is a power off switch. Indeed it takes cultivation and consideration to be a good listener.


1 Oct 2016


GETTING THROUGH THOSE DARK MOMENTS: There’re those times when everything is going wrong, and it’s impossible to focus on doing anything right. The pressures of life are getting harder to bear. The hype of your friends doing well in different aspects of their lives makes you feel worse, not better. You feel stuck and hurt, and asking for help is just too difficult. We all have our fair share of dark moments. In our early years, we won’t have the ability to manage the fallouts of personal and business failures well enough. That’s when we feel moving ahead with our heads held high is an almost impossible task. But we need to learn to look at problems as opportunities. And when our minds and bodies start to complain and give up, we must look at pushing ahead and being optimistic as a better option. I don’t think anyone of us is perfect. We don’t always have everything all together and there’re occasions when we mess up. As long as we continue to have a positive outlook, we’ll have a solid reason to remain standing on solid ground. It won’t be long before we’re sitting on a pile of experience and knowledge, and I think that can only make us better in every possible way.


Selected followers’ comments:

Darren CH: Life is a journey full of ups and downs, twists and turns for most of us. Most of the times, we really can’t control the unexpected events surrounding our lives but we can learn to choose how to respond, positively. We should always be serious in life and business but you don’t have to be overly intense about everything. The ability to laugh it off when facing tough situations can help to diffuse stress. Trials and tribulations shape the strength and character of a person. We learn and then move on. Live on the bright side folks!

Teh Lawrence: There were moments like that you thought your friends or relatives will help you much less crowd around you.No, it didn’t happen. In fact in moments like that you won’t have many friends left.

Weng Ah Shom: Good morning Tan Sri. Failures are hiccups in our lives. They should be a basis to enlighten us and thus should be treated possitively preparing us to face future challenges with more confident.