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HCK Capital Group clinched a double coup at the iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA) ceremony – likened as the Oscars for 500 property developers and industry professionals – which honours the country’s best developments. Taken from my Facebook posting on 20 Nov 2018.

STRIVING TO BE WORTHY OF RECOGNITION: They’re my key performers at HCK Capital Group and they’ve good reasons to be jubilant. Leong Choong Wah, Ong Chou Wen, Foong Peng Yew and Mak Ngan Hoe are showing off the “Best Mixed Development Award” (for our project Edusphere @ Cyberjaya) and “People’s Choice Award” at the recent iProperty Development Excellence Awards (iDEA). This isn’t a small honour for HCK, as fellow winners at the same event are the big boys in the industry, like Gamuda, Mah Sing, Tropicana, LBS and Sime Darby. A relatively new player in property development, our Group already has ongoing and upcoming projects with a gross development value of about RM9 billion. Winning recognition is great, but my team and I know what’s more important is to do work worthy of the recognition.


Selected followers’ comments:

Alice YokYuen Wong: Congratulations! Another feather on the cap! Getting an award is no small feat especially when you had beaten many long established household names in property development. Bravo HCK Development! Keep up the good work!

Christopher Tan: Property Development isn’t an easy business as it requires huge capital outlay and great competition. So winning recognition isn’t a small matter in this tough market.

Low Keng Lok: Congratulations Tan Sri! Looks like you have the Midas touch; everything you touch turns to gold.


My other FB postings between 19 Nov 2018 and 25 Nov 2018:

19 Nov 2018

A COMMUNITY THAT’S ENRICHING: When a FB friend wrote that she was “excited” to be part of this digital network, it dawned on me that I’d formed a growing “community” of many like-minded individuals who’re eager to share and learn. Like the physical community in which we live, our presence on online platforms probably also have an influence on our lives and routines. The challenge is trying to build a social ecosystem that’s enriching. Make no mistake, a community can’t be built in a day. It needs nurturing and in taking the lead, I’ve to constantly experiment with posts or topics that resonate well with users. We’ve a few million passive followers, but we also have many regulars whose consistent post engagements make a huge difference. A community grows not just from shared experiences, but also from meaningful contributions.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lee Keen Kung: There is a mission in our lives. Our life-journey is about learning, re-learn, grow n evolve in the diversities of our world n universe. Our destination is the same.

Latha Ravindran: We encourage and learn from each other. I enjoy reading the comments coming from diverse perspectives. I hope you would continue to share your thoughts with us.

Linda Cheung: We are very proud to be in this community, this much I can say! Thanks for making this happen for all of us!


21 Nov 2018

IT CHANGES THE COURSE OF MY LIFE: When I took over a tiny college in Kuching in late 90s, it had 6 students and 2 academic programs – the external law degree which I had earlier completed at the same institution, and a business diploma. I figured we crucially needed more courses to attract more students. But no overseas university wanted to work with a college that was in a rundown shoplot with just a few classrooms. Then I stumbled upon University of Southern Queensland (USQ) of Australia and its offerings by distance learning mode. It was the jumpstart I needed, to reach out to adult learners. By targeting part-timers, there was almost no competition then and I was able to furiously grow the business. USQ many years later would award me a honorary doctorate (pic), and until today, it’s still my SEGi University’s academic partner. Sometimes, something unexpectedly perks up what we’re doing, and it changes the course of our lives.


Selected followers’ comments:

Jordan Kwong: Sounds like a real life Cinderella story..finding a right match to a great union that births a successful biz.

Shenna Dot: You were conferred a doctorate, but you never use the Dr title. Unlike many of those fake drs, who like to be addressed as Dr So & So.

Christopher Tan: It is either your were lucky or you were far sighted to stumble upon an University which gave you that big break.


22 Nov 2018

DIFFICULT TO STAY GROUNDED: My early inspiration for entrepreneurship came from news and stories about self-made millionaires who started out with nothing but some crazy business ideas. They seemed to be able to achieve their dreams within a relative short period of time. Of course it took me a long time and many failures to realise that everything was easier said than done. It’s obvious high-flyers have a well-oiled routine of winning habits and leadership qualities. They know their priorities and could get everyone to share their passion. People who’re ahead in the race are often broad-minded, challenging the norm and doing things in new ways. It’s staying grounded after achieving success that I’ll say is probably the most difficult part of being a high-flyer.


Selected followers’ comments:

Christopher Tan: Many people thought they could fly, but come crashing down fast.

Jennifer Chan: Some politicians also. They think they can fly. One tried to fly to another country after the last general election but lucky passport impounded. Hahaha…



23 Nov 2018

CHATS THAT’RE CONDUCIVE TO NEW IDEAS: Once in a while, Dato’ Howard Chew would ask to meet for a chat, and he’s one of those young entrepreneurs who knows the power of spending time with like-minded people. It’s useful to be surrounded by individuals who share similar values and interests, and can talk about topics close to our hearts. We just can’t keep our dreams to ourselves and expect results. I think I’m kind of an introvert who finds small talk shallow and bothersome. But I’m mostly talkative with those who hanker after depth and truth. Dato’ Howard, founder of realty company Chester, is right in always wanting to meet growth-oriented people. I think like-minded individuals, in their interactions, get to share and receive more new ideas, and create more value in this world.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: Birds of a feather flock together. I’m proud to say that a lot of like-minded people flock here every morning for our daily morning motivational boost and fruitful exchange of ideas. Yay!

Yap You Wai: Your ideas ultimately need to face the world if they seek applicability, hence shld be challenged, tested vigorously b4 even see the lite of day? otherwise, ideas remain as ideas?

Ong Phaik Kim: Good or bad – Birds of same feathers flock together! Likewise crooks of same stripes flock together!


24 Nov 2018

CLINGING ON ISN’T THE WAY: The guy was putting on a brave front while he was trying to get a good price for his assets, but I knew he was hanging on to dear life, as far as his business was concerned. These days, many companies are overwhelmed by changes in production and marketing technology and couldn’t figure out the tools to use to compete. Some business owners think if they hang on long enough, all those new and “funny” tech stuff would go away and it would be back to business as usual. Well, I guess it doesn’t work that way. Clinging on and not make all the necessary changes won’t save us. At the core of the technology revolution, there’re obviously many new marketing concepts, product packaging and business models to re-assess, fine-tune and embrace. If we don’t catch up with the times, we might not have a business to run very soon.


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: The saying of “The only constant is change” is almost always true. If you don’t change, you will be changed.

Vincent Yeoh: Curiosity kill the birds is to match your competitor as 5 black-hole data better than human of AI +ML in this 4 industrial era take the world.

Michael Stanley: True Tan Sri. I am worried Malaysians may not be able to catch up with Industry 4.0 which is the game changer for doing business. Somebody need to lead.


25 Nov 2018

LET THE EXPERTS TELL US: Not all durians are created equal. Apart from Musang King, there’re dozens of other specimens with different flavours and textures, and we all have our own preferences. Choosing a durian that stands out from the rest, or at least is worth what we’re paying for, can be a tricky business. Some vendors allow buyers to try the fruit first and give them the option to refuse it. I guess a few factors count – the smell (since durian’s odour is so strong), the colour, the shape and even the stem. Choosing the perfect durian is too complex a task for me, so I would always fall back on the expert’s opinion. Most durian sellers have been in the trade for many years and are extremely knowledgeable on the subject. While we’re devouring the creamy flesh, there’s no guilt or fear, only tingling joy and sweetness.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lai Edward: I’m from Sibu to me the best Durian is from a friend’s kebun from kpg Banyuk

Kam Ibrahim: Most vendors applause their own durian’s..In ratio its 50-50 to earn a quality durian.

Doreen D’orville: The taste of the durian is sheer heaven to me.