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Come January next year, the Peninsula International School Australia in Setia Alam will commence classes. It will be the first school in Malaysia to offer the highly-regarded Victorian curriculum. Taken from my Facebook posting on 2 Nov 2017:

Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Congrats Tan Sri, this video presentations says it all ie excellence in all aspects. Quality education is still the concern of all caring n wise parents n with Peninsula International, the option of acquiring it here locally without going abroad will indeed saves lots of money. The void displayed vividly by our FG’s failures in quality world class education is now filled by excellent entrepreneurs like TSCH n the like.

Frankie David Chieng: We may share your joy in successes but outsiders cannot experienced your intense effort in transforming possibility into reality. It’s just like a woman carrying and suffering much in pregnancy and intense child labour. When the the baby is born she forgets all the pain but fill with joy of reality of the new life in her hands.

MarknJo Ang:‘Excellente’
Can imagine the pride and satisfaction in bringing a dream to reality
A feat which involves , single mindedness, dedication and most of all passion
CONGRATULATIONS Tan Sri Clement Hi and your team.


My other FB postings between 30 Oct 2017 and 5 Nov 2017

30 Oct 2017

STAYING TRUE: At the Speech Day at my alma mater, Sacred Heart Secondary School in Sibu on Saturday, I shared with the teachers and students some of my life experiences. Local media like the Borneo Post gave good coverage to those “personal stories.”…/hii-shares-success-story-wi…/ It’s about not taking things as they are but charting our own destiny. We might be poor or downtrodden today, but it’s not a full indication of what lies ahead. My principal then, the late Brother Albinus, would never have thought I would one day return to play an active role in the school, given my record as the naughtiest student there. It’s my 14th year as patron for the event where outstanding teachers and students are given cash and other incentives. I told the eager audience to “stay true and stay honest.”


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: Biggest success is not how far we have achieved as an individual, but how we can make an impact on other’s life. Tan Sri, you are a great role model. You inspire many of us. 🙏Krizian Lim: Biggest success is not how far we have achieved as an individual, but how we can make an impact on other’s life. Tan Sri, you are a great role model. You inspire many of us. 🙏

Teh Lawrence: Tan Sri, you are the simple, humble tycoon with a very big heart. So I shall remain restrained with accolades but would stand in attention and shout “ Thank you Tan Sri !”

Peter Wong: Congratulations Clement, you did it again. I salute you. In fact, everyone is successful in their own way. What’s important we remember to celebrate and give back to society. It need not always be in a Big way, small little things count too. Let’s make this World a better place to live in.


31 Oct 2017

GOOD FOOTING: When Ecofirst Consolidated Bhd won the Best Revenue Growth award at the recent Best Under Billion Award (organised by Focus Malaysia of the HCK Group), I somehow felt a sense of pride for the company. Ailing and part of the enlarged Group that I was in about 10 years back, I had to hold the fort as its interim CEO until Datuk Tiong Kwing Hee took over. The Foochow from Sitiawan didn’t throw in the towel even in the worst of times, and he finally manages to make it profitable again. Datuk Tiong often refers to me as his “mentor,” a honour which I don’t deserve, as he’s the one who has turned around the company with the right perspective and dynamics. Good entrepreneurs thrive even when they’re boxed in, and it’s often during troubled times that they find their true footing.


Selected followers’ comments:

Cherie Tan: The word crisis in chinese is “weiji”, which is often translated by wise people that there is always opportunity behind every crisis. Clever entrepreneur always saw the opportunity while the common one always drown at the crisis level.

“Being challenged in life is inevitable. Being defeated is optional.” – Unknown

“The entrepreneur always searches for change, response to it and exploit it as an opportunity. – Peter F. Drucker

Alice YokYuen Wong: There are many Ups and Downs in our lifetimes. If we can persevere and not give up no matter what, we can overcome and come out jubilant. Winners don’t say “die” but will fight to stay afloat in choppy waters by not going against the waves. They stay calm though being tossed with every backflow.
Good morning friends, the secret of coming out of choppy waters is to stay calm. Each giant wave that threatens to swallow us will soon pass and then allow our boat to sail on and you will find that land is just ahead. Just don’t panic because once you pass those upheavals you will be on solid land and stable footings.

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: You seem to have a Midas touch. Your old company is now doing very well, and led by someone who called you “mentor”. Last week, you posted about your property project being nominated for a prestigious award. Your shares are through the roof. Wow!


1 Nov 2017

FACE TO FACE: If you think entrepreneurship is a picture of nothing but good days, cool success and great opportunities fulfilled, then you are dead wrong. A young Facebook follower I met while waiting for a flight was surprised that life for high-profile business people wasn’t always pretty like he thought. He was keen to know what I had to do to overcome my struggles. I told him the one thing I didn’t do was to whine or say “poor me.” My 3 major surgeries tried to kill me, but they didn’t. The subsequent depression and stress could’ve pulled me under but they hadn’t. Along my entire corporate journey, the initial rejections and constant loneliness drained me emotionally, but they didn’t knock me out. Instead of hiding or indulging in self-pity, we’ve to come face to face with our struggles – there’s no other way. To create strength, we must confront our weaknesses and our fears.


Selected followers’ comments:

Ong Phaik Kim: Nip problem in the bud! Overcome them as we cross the bridges!
It requires hard work n perseverance!

When the going is tough, it brings out the best in us!

Dato Lim once told me, you are a strong woman. Just that you don’t realise it! Remember you are not the 1st nor the last! You can overcome it!

Stay calm! And keeps things in perspective! Pictures will be clearer when you stand out side! Looks from outside…

I have gone from half blind due to a hit n run accident. Told myself I must walk even through my lower back pain killing! Go out for a walk n seat on the kerb, bloody crow drop poo 💩 on my head! I push myself up n walk!
Every weekend travel by bus to penang for treatment! Finally a evening outing to pasar makan, the van Driver instead of reserve, drive forward. The mirror bar hit my shoulder blade n dislodge a pinch muscle! The sifu stand on top my back n pushes the spinal cord bone back into place around thorax! This enables me to seat again for long hours… as long as I don’t over stress , my eyesight ok

What we go thru n pull thru make us what we are today. A better person hopefully! N with new perspective in life

Chris Cheong Ean Hwa: TS Clement , Thank you . This is a timely uplifting reminder to me. My health has its good days n not so good days. Even if we are cancer survivors, we should not let our guard down n be careless. And i have been careless with my food. But don’t let the struggles with living get you down. And as always you are so modest and humble and referred to that young FB friend as a Fb ‘follower’ , instead of a Fb ‘fan’. Cheers to your health Tan Sri!

Agatha Tan: A timely sharing as youngsters today though not all may think that as a successful entrepreneur is an instant success. They may have the competitive edge with advance technologies or spilled over by their parents to have a head start while you created from zero-based.
Too much of instant noodles, instant success in the media may painted wrong scene of success.


3 Nov 2017

AHEAD, SO WHAT? A Facebook friend points out that this Page has garnered more “Likes” than some famous (and infamous) personalities and entities. Indeed, data from a social media website shows a leading politician and well-known budget airline trailing slightly behind. Before people jump to conclusions, the number of “Likes” shouldn’t matter in the manner they think it does. Figures often only measure a very specific thing in very specific ways. It’s like learners getting their examination results – even talented people can get poor marks in some subjects. I would prefer to judge a FB Page by the quality of the postings and comments. A high score that we might have achieved in something doesn’t measure our overall ability. It certainly doesn’t measure us as a person.


Selected followers’ comments:

Philip Lim: Yes, we should not be ‘fooled’ by numbers sometimes. For instance, I know people who claim to have 2000± friends on FB. Are they real friends? I have only 200+. Even then, I am sceptical on the actual number whom I can consider as my real friends.

On a different note, we are glad to note your number of fans has steadily increased over time. TSCH, you have put in genuine and sincere efforts to share your thoughts, experiences, wisdom, etc . Your audience could sense your sincerity and humility in your sharings.

Lily Mathews: I love inspiring and motivational posts most of all. When I click LIKE I always mean it, not just for the sake of clicking it. Same with comments. I genuinely love reading your posts, Tan Sri Clement Hii, for their subject content. That’s what attracted me to your page. I’m very sure there are many others like me. Thank you.

Sk Chin: You deserve it, Tan Sri. Most often we see posts of people showing off their luxurious lifestyle and material goods. It is rare seeing true leaders like you that inspire people with precious positive advise daily and almost without fail.


4 Nov 2017

NO CONSOLATION: We can remember those awkward moments when friends or colleagues tell us they’ve lost a loved one, a prized possession or walked away from a failed relationship. We try to console them but to me, consolation can be a contradiction of sorts. Here, we’re trying to make the feeling of grief, anger or fear disappear, but would the “consolation” help them not care about the losses? I told myself that the consolation from my medical misdiagnosis and surgeries is that I get to permanently lose weight, which I couldn’t succeed doing pre-operations. But the side effects and pain linger on. Even in contests, there’re “consolation prizes” for non-top award winners. Consolation is thought to be synonymous with joy and happiness but in reality, most times, it isn’t.


Selected followers’ comments:

Rodjeanall Tinjan: “Consolation is thought to be synonymous with joy and happiness but in reality, most times, it isn’t”
-Clement Hii
Definitely true, Sir. But as humans, we always and we tries our best to understand others feeling, and tries to console them with our emotion and body language. Surely and definitely, we cannot fully in someone shoes, because we were unique and never be the same emotions and feeling, on different things around us. But at least we tries our best, to understand someone feeling.

But, many politicians and almost all politicians, wanted to let the whole world that they tries, to console someone by calling the journalist and the news men to air their acts of sympathy and good deeds. Not wrong, but definitely for God, this acts of GOOD DEEDS, it is wise and bless if we do it secretly without telling the whole world, about our good deeds. Same goes to PRAYER, “shut your door room and pray to God, not in public places”

Cheers, another beautiful gorgeous Saturday

Jennifer Chan: I like the part where you console yourself using the bright side of losing weight after your surgeries. For every misfortune, maybe by looking at the bright or positive side, we can see some silver lining.


Chai Moi Moi: Life is always very tasty. Once you are down or depressed, be strong and try your very best to overcome it. Yes, consolation is thought to be synonymous with joy and happiness but in reality most time. Cheers and good night, Tan Sri.


5 Nov 2017

SUNNY DISPOSITION: It’s that time of the year when sunny days are punctured by intermittent rain. That’s bad for my sinus as my nose’s very sensitive to weather changes. I don’t know about you, but I get this feeling that I’m sharper and more energetic on bright days. And when the clouds are out, the nimbleness appears lost and the brain seems duller and sluggish. Some studies indeed have shown our mood may change with the weather. I believe anything that alters our mood can also affect our behaviour. So when people are happy or joyful, they tend to be more helpful and accommodative. Maybe we should do crucial business negotiations only when the sun is out? In the end, I think no weather, good or bad, is any match for a person’s sunny disposition.


Selected followers’ comments:

Lee Lin Wang: I love the raining days for relaxation,learning and consolidation of my activities.
I love the sunny days for action, like exercise, meeting up others.
Hmmm, before reading your post, never thought much of the difference i live my raining and sunny days.
Now that i know my own nature, i can plan my days even better!
Thank you!

Cornelius Lo: I have the same problem with my nose. I used nasal spray for a while and the condition has improved, but I realize that I have lost the sense of smell.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

Our eyes can see black and white,
We’ve visual sense,
Our mind can know bright and bleak,
We’ve cognition;

We welcome sunrise,
Our energy is fully charged,
We farewell sunset,
Our energy is discharged;

Sunny disposition,
We’re energetic and productive,
Getting things done,
Getting people across;

Sunny disposition,
Our mood is positive and optimistic,
Getting on right,
Pride to carry on;

Cloudy disposition,
Our mood is down on the ground,
Getting brain duller,
Getting mind sluggish;

Cloudy disposition,
Our mood is less sound to count,
Meeting people unethusiatically,
Meting out decision slowly,

No matter sunny or cloudy,
We’re still who we’re,
Minding our thoughts,
Mending our mood and behaviour.