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Marketing gurus and persuasive consultants can present to you fancy sales slogans and compelling business strategies. But nothing beats providing quality products and services. For the market, that matters more than anything else. Taken from my Facebook posting on 26 Dec 2016:


COMPLICATED TASTES, SIMPLE CONCEPT: We shall be launching the sales of the commercial & residential components of our EDUSENTRAL project at Setia Alam soon. The building plans are being finalised for the 6 elegant towers that will house about 1700 suites. The “city of knowledge,” developed by The HCK Group, includes an international school and aims to be a masterpiece of sorts. The facade of each building will have its own unique identity & individuality. I’ve personally worked with the consultants to ensure the structures would be crafted in ways that combine practicality with style. While buyers’ tastes may be complicated, I think quality is a simple concept & an universal language that everyone can understand. Quality in itself can be a company’s best business plan.


Selected followers’ comments:

Muhammad Aqil Deraman: When the buildings are ready, you should reserve an area there and turn it into a clubhouse for your FB fans. We can go there and chill, listen to live music and must have free wifi!

Shenna Dot: Times are not that good, but you have the guts to launch a new project. Your business plan must be void indeed, and not just about quality.

Jennifer Chan: Adding a school into your project is a smart move, because you create a base of customers for the commercial shops there, and also give residents a school close to their home,


My other Facebook postings between  27 Dec 2016 and 1 Jan 2017:

27 Dec 2016


IT’S A TWO-WAY TRAFFIC: I was engrossed in a chat with Tan Sri Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, chairman of the Board of SEGi University & Colleges. He is also a director of several other listed and government-linked companies, including Petronas. We go back a long way, as Tan Sri Megat has been our board member for many years. I think our friendship has been built on trust and mutual respect. Both elements have seen us through the challenging years, before SEGi became a market leader in private tertiary education. I guess among business peers & friends, it’s a two-way traffic flow. If we want honesty or respect, we need to give the same to them. We get in return, what we give.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew KH Hoo: Respect has to be earned and the saying of “what we sow we shall reap” cannot be wrong. If we want respect and trust, we have to show respect and trust to others. It takes a man of integrity and self worth to be able to draw like minded people into a large organisation like Segi and you have done it. Cheers and thankfully some good directors are not too politically linked.

Philip Lim: Sincerity is another important element that is often missing not only in our working relationships but also those of personal ones.

David Ling: Well said, Tan Sri. Trust and mutual respect are indeed very crucial in building true friendship and as business partners.


29 Dec 2016


DON’T HIDE OR GET LOST IN A CROWD: Most people prefer to follow the crowd. We tend to settle for what we think is good enough because the majority think likewise. We pattern our lives according to what we see as normal and as a result, limit our own potential for growth. People I know who have achieved massive success are individuals who’ve dared to be different and gone against the wave. They didn’t hide themselves in a mammoth group of average people. Following the crowd could be your excuse for laziness, way of pleasing other people or idea of being normal. It may be time for you to step out, see the greatness within yourself and change the numbers on the scoreboard.


Selected followers’ comments:

Roger Ong: I suppose there are many that has tried to be different but I feel that the recognition they received is in the eventual results they achieve. If they succeed they are seen as mavericks, daring & unique. But the many that failed are seen as foolish & not adhering to norm.

Roland King: The longer I live, the more apparent it seems that this is what life is meant for. They should really teach this in schools. Most of us take too long to realise this.

KK Aw: To stand out of the crowd, one must have courage, passion, and conviction. At the same time, we need others to trust us so as to give us the opportunity.


30 Dec 2016


A RADIO WAS ALL WE HAD: As a young boy, this radio cum record player was the only tool I had for entertainment & news. My family couldn’t afford a black & white TV until I was in senior secondary school. Our youths today are pervasive users of social media, to link them to the outside world at great speed & velocity. The new communication tools have allowed us to meet people we would never have met, reconnect with old friends or make new ones, and to catch real-time breaking news. But all these inroads have been made at the expense of meaningful conversations. In our old days, instead of reaching for our smartphones, we had no choice but to conduct two-way conversations which involved active listening, empathy & support. I fear this important element of a well-rounded life may soon become a lost art.


Selected followers’ comments:

Andrew Chan: Tan Sri, the modern gadgets like the smart phones have many advantages n is a convenient tool of communication ; was sending e-invitation cards to my friends n relatives overseas just yesterday. Gone r the days you need to send the physical cards unless of course they really mind ! Whatsapping n using Viber/ Skype to connect to loved ones has replaced the expensive overseas calls. Now these r the obvious nice things about smart phones but the problem is abuses of the gadgets. My 3 boys only r allowed HPs only when they passed Form 5 n r studying overseas. During family meals n conversations HPs is a big NO. We still meet n have mini reunions on quite a regular basis with old classmates n friends. So, it’s a matter of adjustments n a bit of disipline. Sadly some parents failed to see the dangers of modern gadgets like computers/smart phones n their charges just might become victims of irresponsible elements while on the Social media n that goes as a warning too to us adults as scammers/blackmailers abounds. Cheers n let’s be smart.

Philip Lim: Good morning, Tan Sri. My grandnephew who would start schooling next year just got his brand new RM300-worth school bag from his parents. While I feel good that my nephew could shower his child with such ‘luxury’, I also feel perplexed that a school bag for a primary school kid could fetch that kind of price. Also rather concern on the rising trend of how young parents today started exposing materialism and consumerism to their children at a tender age.

Teh Lawrence: Andrew is spot on with the advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes in same house children and parents also whatsapp each other. Ironically we strive harder now to engage face to face communication and may soon loose the attributes like empathy in a real way. Hardly any physical shoulders to cry on now. Hard to get hugs now from children and except via smart phones.


31 Dec 2016


THEY’VE TO BE ACHIEVABLE & MEASURABLE: It’s time, again, to reevaluate our life’s choices & priorities. We draw up a list of lifestyle changes we want to make for 2017: lose weight, spend less, earn more, start exercise, etc. For all the good intentions, most of us have failed, year after year, to stick to our new year resolutions. That’s because people tend to make overwhelming (& vague) resolutions that are difficult to attain. Big goals can be fun to draw up, but it’ll also be easier to abandon, rather than to see through, a tough bucket list. It therefore makes sense to set small but achievable & measurable targets. Changing our life for the better, I think, has to be done in a gradual manner, one small step at a time. Have a great 2017 !


Selected followers’ comments:

Krizian Lim: Tan Sri, I wish you and all a Happy New Year and may all continue be blessed with good health , happiness and successes for many more years.

How true. Setting small and achievable goals, that is my belief.

I celebrate small progresses and achievements in life. Every time I learn something new or my effort is recognized, I celebrate by giving my family a small treat ……. I buy them ice cream.. haha.. and at times, we were jokingly complaint that we would put on weights if this trend were to continue.

I believe setting a big goal to aim at is good, but setting small and achievable goals is equally , if it is not more important. Big success is made up of many small successes. A giant step is accumulation of many baby steps. Let us walk and move forward with many small goals fulfilled. Let us celebrate Life. Life is meaningful this way.

Tay Cheow Hwang:

New year is approaching,
We’re welcoming year 2017,
Just hours from now,
Then we”ll say bye bye to 2016;

Everything is to be new afresh,
New resolution is one of them,
We’re to stay fresh and vigilant,
Year 2017 has to be certain;

Many things are yet to be dissolved,
We’re to continue from here,
To there with new plan to plan,
And to change the unchanged;

We can plan as we wish,
Wishlist is long and winding,
Plan must be pragmatic and realistic,
Achievable and measurable;

Nobody asks you to make big jumps,
You’re to know your strengths and weaknesses,
Every small progressive step,
You’re making a leap in your own step;

Nobody tells you to simply jump,
You’re to know your capacity and capability,
Every jump mustn’t be jumbo,
You’re keeping your stamina till end;

New year resolution,
We entertain no rhetoric,
Every move is of merit,
Logic and gut to move forward;

Resolution for new year,
We cheer and clear any roadblock,
Roadmap to show the way out,
From cloudiness of blackout.

Happy New Year, 2017!



1 Jan 2017


CLOSE FRIENDS FOREVER: Political leaders have their “kitchen cabinets”, while the rich & powerful have their “Inner Circles”. For commoners, we have close friends, often coined as BFFs (best friends forever). I don’t have many close friends, but I’m thankful to the few who’ve added value & meaning to my life’s routines. Usually, the intimacy is defined by the level of understanding & trust friends have for each other. There’s nothing we should value more, outside of our family, than an unshakable friendship. It’ll be great to have people around us who stop & notice things about us, and pay attention. It means a lot when another caring human being reminds us of our true worth.


Selected followers’ comments:

Nancy Liew: Really true friends are hard to find. They are the ones who are willing to stand by us through good times and bad times, lend us their shoulders to lean on and hold our hands to console and comfort us. Yes, we must really treasured them.

Rohaty Majzub: Talking about friends is indeed interesting and challenging

Very difficult to get true friends while many are superficial.pretentious and stop n go type :

a true friend can be closer to you than your own family members they say

You can say your darkest secrets to them

Yet how many true friends are there with sustained caring and support for you?

And there are so called so called friends who stab you from.the back or do backbiting ?

I think friendship between men are longer lasting than between women: men will continue playing badminton or golf and will meet more often regularly

Women after marraige are more settled and more preoccupied in their homes

Yet there are true friends among ladies who are confidantes who are sisterly

Be careful your true friend can be your enemy and your enemy so called friend as in politics

As one gets older friends are needed to share lifes challenges and companionship
with the empty nest syndrome