Filling in the gap to create value

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When I first dabbled in the property and construction business, many had warned me about the steep competition in the industry. I had almost no experience in this sector and was up against the big boys which had been around longer and carry more established brands. But I have always been a “Johnny come lately”… Read more >>

When giving brings more joy than receiving

The kids helping out to sort the donated items

One of the reasons why I set up the Hiichiikok Foundation Home For Children Care is because I think it’s important to give back to society when and if we can. Many kind souls have made it possible for me to be where I am today, whether in my early education or my long corporate… Read more >>

#OpsHarapan rising to the occasion


The recent floods in the East Coast saw hundreds of thousands of victims displaced, their property damaged and even lives lost. The victims were in dire need of aid. Centre For A Better Tomorrow (CENBET) led a relief effort in Kelantan, bringing medical personnel, donated items and a mobile clinic to the grief-stricken victims there…. Read more >>

Off-loading SEGi warrants

APTOPIX Malaysia Markets

Last week, The Edge Financial Daily ran a story about me paring down SEG International Bhd’s warrant holdings. The company runs SEGi University and Colleges, where I am the Group Managing Director. The warrants will lapse this August. The decision was purely a financial one. If I had not done so, I would have triggered… Read more >>

Giving voice to the thoughtful, not the thoughtless

Our children’s future is paramount as we battle extremism

I am pleased to note that Centre For A Better Tomorrow (CENBET), a civil society group which promotes moderation and good governance, has been attracting serious attention. The voices of moderation are getting louder amid the chorus of extremism. Recently, a group of 25 former top civil servants had voiced their support for moderation and reason. Various… Read more >>

Pitfalls of online publishing


I am often asked about my involvement in the media business, including online publications. HCK Capital Group, where I am Executive Chairman, is involved directly or indirectly in digital publications like Theantdaily; Currentbuzz; The Heat Online and Channel 88. These were set up to cater to like-minded individuals who yearn for an open forum to… Read more >>

Size does matter

SEGi Uni collage

One of the corporate news that Malaysian investors are watching closely is the proposed mergers of banks. On the one hand, there is a proposed merger between CIMB Group Holdings Bhd, RHB Capital Bhd and Malaysian Building Society Bhd. Following this, another rumour making its round within corporate circles is that Maybank may be joining… Read more >>

The girl called AIDA


In many of my meetings, I often tell my top managers about the girl called AIDA. I tell them to embrace AIDA and hold on to her as though their lives depend on it. AIDA is actually an acronym for a well-known and proven marketing approach which businesses use in selling their products and services. … Read more >>

A non-political view on the Sedition Act

sedition act cover

During the recent Umno general assembly, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the Sedition Act 1948 would be retained. This caught the Malaysian public and civil society groups by surprise as the Prime Minister had pledged to do away with the law in 2012. There are two schools of thoughts on this. On… Read more >>

Giving the kids a leg-up

Kids in the Home having a Deepavali celebrations recently

Despite opening its doors less than a year ago, it is gratifying to see that the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care has helped turned the lives around for some underprivileged kids. It’s a reminder of what hope and tenacity can do as we face the challenges in our lives. Take Sundra Mohan, 13, who… Read more >>

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