The ants dig deeper into the online realm

Shuman - story of the month-Jan2014a

When first started its debut on the online news portal scene, the biggest fear of the management team was the kind of readership and responses that its stories were going to generate. From the day of launching, August 26, 2013 till April 14, 2014, within the span of 231days, theantdaily (combining the Bahasa Malaysia… Read more >>

Words can become a double-edged sword


The saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is meant to show that those who can cleverly use words can have a much better influence than one carrying a sword. However unless the person pushing the pen is careful, choose his/her words wisely, and think thoroughly the consequences of the words or phrases to… Read more >>

HCK Capital Group’s new project, The Duo at USJ1


Location is the one of the key factors determining the success or otherwise of a property development project. The Duo @ USJ1 as the name suggests, is strategically located in the college-belt and right in the middle among Subang Jaya, USJ and Sunway townships. With a direct flyover link between USJ1 and Sunway townships within… Read more >>

My offer for Golsta’s shares is “fair”

Golsta-chart-more slant-combo-CH-logo

As the deadline of April 4, 2014 for the acceptance of my Mandatory General Offer (MGO) to the remaining shareholders of Golsta Synergy Bhd draws closer, there seems to be no let up by those punters chasing the shares. According to The Sun’s Sunbiz (Mar 25, 2014), stock analysts of TA Securities Holdings Bhd opined… Read more >>

The Star asks, “What’s up at Golsta?”


Since my emerging as a major shareholder of Golsta Synergy Bhd with 36.69% stake in late February 2014, and my subsequent mandatory general offer, there have been myriad of speculations in the market on my next course of action. The Star’s reporter, Ms Cecilia Kok wrote a detailed analysis on my foray into Golsta recently…. Read more >>

Exiting SYF Resources

SYF-Feature pi2c-cropped

I recently sold my entire holding of around 20% in SYF Resources Bhd (SYF) to its chairman and CEO, Mr. Ng Ah Chai. During the tenure of my shareholding, I have seen Ng working hard to turnaround SYF. I believe that Ng will be successful in helming SYF to achieve the growth it deserves especially… Read more >>

Putting money where one’s mouth is

Edge-CH-SEGi-shared buy up-Mar08-2014-add-SEGiUpic

I have been in the education business since the mid 1990s. It is a business that I know well. Building up SEG International Bhd (SEGi) to its present size and form was never plain sailing. My team and I had to work very hard to overcome the challenges which were aplenty. Recently The Edge published… Read more >>

Haze gets in your eyes


Residents of the Klang Valley have been hit by a double whammy of the haze and water rationing. The damage done to the health of the people by haze induced diseases is substantial. Some residents in parts of the Klang Valley had to endured close to two weeks of dry taps. One company should not… Read more >>

Acquisition of a public-listed entity


Recently the press reported my launching of a takeover of public-listed equipment manufacturer Golsta Synergy Bhd (Golsta) after securing about 37% of the shares. Under current regulatory rules, I am obliged to make a mandatory offer to all other shareholders of Golsta to take up their stakes. Due to the ongoing exercise, I am not… Read more >>

Galloping for a prosperous year ahead

2 lions

It has been a tradition of SEGi to hold Chinese New Year celebrations on its campuses to ensure that staff of all ethnic background, local students, students from out of town and foreign students join in the festive season. SEGi University celebrated the Year of the Horse with lion and dragon dances as one of… Read more >>

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