Giving the kids a leg-up

Kids in the Home having a Deepavali celebrations recently

Despite opening its doors less than a year ago, it is gratifying to see that the Hiichiikok Foundation Home for Children Care has helped turned the lives around for some underprivileged kids. It’s a reminder of what hope and tenacity can do as we face the challenges in our lives. Take Sundra Mohan, 13, who… Read more >>

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SEGi brand globally recognised

Prof Patrick Kee (centre) accepting the award.

Everyone knows the prestige that comes with studying in the University of Oxford in England. It’s an internationally-recognised brand that is associated with quality education and a rich tradition. So, it came as a pleasant surprise that SEGi University and Oxford University were joint winners in the World Branding Awards for the education category, in… Read more >>

Plan fuel subsidy policy properly

Gradual removal of subsidies makes economic sense but its implementation needs to be properly done.

A popular adage I follow is “failing to plan is planning to fail”. As a businessman, planning is crucial. My staff can attest to how thorough my team and I can get when it comes to planning, whether it is undertaking a new business venture or improving on the current one. The most brilliant idea… Read more >>

My alma mater, my life


I always believe that it is better to give and share than to receive. There is no better place to give back and share than your own alma mater. I left SMK Sacred Heart in 1975 after completing my Senior Cambridge but I have always stayed in close contact with the school since. Recently, my… Read more >>

Missing the forests for the trees

We have progressed so much in 57 years partly because we paid attention to the real issues, not petty ones.

In the course of running my businesses, entrepreneurs have to stay very focussed. If we lose sight of the big picture and get easily distracted by petty problems, we may end up making poor decisions. And when this happens, your bottomline is hit and your business credentials slip down a few notches. Staying the course… Read more >>

Effects of inflation


As an entrepreneur, I do not see inflation as something to be frowned upon. If under control, inflation can be a good thing. It is a sign that the economy is growing and consumers have a higher disposable income. This translates into a more robust economy as we collectively become better off as a nation…. Read more >>

Benchmarking against the best

UM and UKM

Recently, it was reported in the media that two of Malaysia’s oldest public universities – University of Malaya (UM) and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) – have decided to opt out of a prestigious world university ranking survey. The universities had announced that the methodology used in the Times Higher Education Supplement’s (THES) Top 400 University… Read more >>

Two-way communications important


Last week, a journalist from The Star called me to ask for my opinion over the controversy surrounding the use of SPM forecast results for admission into tertiary private education institutions. SEGi University Group, where I am the Group Managing Director, would obviously be affected by any decisions on this issue. To me, education should… Read more >>

More print publications in the works

style plus

When HCK Media ventured into the print media business, with business weekly Focus Malaysia making its debut in late 2012, some of our friends thought we were was foolish. They felt that print media was a sunset industry as more people migrate to online publications to get their source of news and information. The following… Read more >>

Start small, grow big


We always hear of the saying “no risk, no gain”. Many entrepreneurs are known as risk-takers. They sail into unchartered waters, hoping to reap the fruits of their pioneering endeavours. Many succeed, but some do not. I am also a risk-taker but I take calculated risks. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, I do not trail-blaze into… Read more >>