Landing a good deal

Some of HCK Properties’ projects. Clockwise from top left: Education Enclave, Roppongi and Setia Alam Educity

One of HCK Capital Group Bhd’s key businesses is property investment and development. It is the diversified Group’s main driving force, and helps enhance its corporate image of strength and reliability. In the property business, having a sizeable landbank is very important. Without it, a property company would not be able to sustain its growth…. Read more >>

Learning at one’s PACE

With PACE, it'll be easier to strike a work-life balance

In this day and age where information is power and knowledge can give one the edge in one’s career path, many working adults are heading back to the classrooms. Many want to keep themselves up to speed with the latest developments in the fields they work in. They hope this will make them better employees…. Read more >>

Staying on top of things

One needs to be flexible and versatile to survive in the corporate world

The corporate sector is always fluid, more so as globalisation becomes more intense. Developments like war or market crashes happening halfway across the world could drastically impact businesses locally, thanks to technology which allows information to be disseminated worldwide almost instantly. It is crucial that entrepreneurs stay on top of things to survive and thrive… Read more >>

CENBET – promoting healthy public discourse

CENBET is speaking up to make tomorrow a better place for our kids

Reading the news can be depressing these days. Many of the news item that hog the headlines either harp on racial or religious sentiments, or about public leakages brought about by incompetence or outright corruption. Visit any news portals or even flip the newspapers, and you can read about one community running down another. This… Read more >>

Building strength


In the corporate world, a key element that projects strength and confidence is the assets one owns. This is especially true where buildings are concerned. Beautiful structures that stand out from the rest lend corporations an identity and become a talking point not only among the business community, but also the public. The Trump Tower… Read more >>

Knowing the market

The team in AMA

One of the reasons why successful businessmen are able to turn around businesses despite great challenges is because they know the market well. Knowing the market is crucial in any businesses. If you do not know the market, your products and services are doomed to fail. I am blessed to have a good sense on… Read more >>

A law school where it all started

Sarawak Law Society

SEGi College Sarawak’s Law School recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. To mark the occasion, the SEGi Law Society held a dinner in a posh hotel in Kuching. The event is a significant milestone to me. Before it became SEGi College Sarawak, it was known as IBMS College, where I, at the age of 32, went… Read more >>

Channel88 is our Life in Motion

watching videos

In HCK Capital Group Bhd, we always try to spot emerging trends and look at how we could monetize it by staying ahead of the curve. We believe that success does not happen by chance, but is the result of careful planning to make sure that we are at the right place at the right… Read more >>

Defying the odds in publishing


In publishing circles, many are talking about the eventual demise of print, as Internet becomes the preferred platform to reach out to readers. While we recognise the enormous potential of the Internet, HCK Capital Group believes there is still a market for print publications. This was why, despite advice from print doomsayers, its publishing division… Read more >>

Getting ready for the digital wave

Surfer On Blue Ocean Wave

On top of print publications under the HCK Media, we are also involved in several new media business endeavours. Some are already up and running, others are in the pipeline. is a portal which provides immediate analyses and commentaries to breaking news. The site has garnered a sizeable following since its inception in August… Read more >>